What is home excess insurance? – Parenting Prattle

Home insurance typically comprises two main elements – which may be bought separately, but which might prove cheaper if bought together from the same insurer: Building insurance just as it says, this element of cover protects the structure and fabric of your home from such potentially serious threats as fire, storm damage, impacts, flooding, and … Read more

RL360° Quantum: what features can you expect? – Parenting Prattle

Based on the Isle of Man, which benefits from advantageous tax regulations that make it popular among international investors, RL360° offers a variety of investment, tax planning and protection solutions. One of its products is Quantum, a premium savings policy that provides the potential for medium to long-term growth. Quantum may be ideal for you … Read more

Supporting a Dyslexic Child at Home – Parenting Prattle

Do you consider your child to be intelligent and articulate, yet they struggle with reading, writing and spelling at school? Have they been called lazy or careless by the teacher? Do they have low self-esteem? If this describes your child, it may be worth having him/her tested for dyslexia. Although these tests aren’t definitive, they … Read more

Engagement ring trends for 2016 – Parenting Prattle

As the New Year beckons, it’s time to have a crystal ball look into the future for the trends and fashions of engagement rings for 2016. Styles of the current year have included halo settings and marquise cut diamonds with celebrities flashing large rings to announce their upcoming nuptials. For great engagement rings, experts have … Read more

Choosing An Auto Insurance Policy That Fits Your Lifestyle – Parenting Prattle

Settling on a car insurance plan may seem like a daunting task, but by evaluating your priorities, mapping out your financial constraints and weighing out each available option—closing in on a policy is not too far away. However, one of the most imperative steps in choosing an auto insurance policy that fits your lifestyle is … Read more

Top Reasons Why a Paralegal Degree is the Perfect Choice for a Second Career – Parenting Prattle

The last several years have really thrown a lot of people for a loop. Millions of people lost their jobs and saw their investment accounts dwindle to zero. Meanwhile, many more struggled with underemployment working for far less than they needed to support their families. Though the economy has recovered quite a bit, many still … Read more

How to Clean an Enamel Bathtub – Parenting Prattle

Enamel bathtubs used to be only seen in older homes, but their vintage charm and the current demand for period features has meant that homeowners across the country are seeking them out. That should come as no surprise – they’re durable, luxurious, and a perfect fit for an upscale bathroom. However, they can also be … Read more