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Learn to Sew Your Little One’s New Wardrobe

Learning to sew means that you can dress your baby in adorable clothes at a fraction of the cost of shop bought garments.

There’s no doubt that having a baby is expensive. Furniture, toys, car seat, bottle steriliser – your shopping list probably seems endless. One way you can cut costs though, is by making some of your baby’s clothes yourself. Wait, don’t run for the hills at the prospect! Sewing is a surprisingly easy skill to pick up, and with the right machine you can create little garments that wouldn’t look out of place in a shop.

How to learn

So, where to begin? Well, you should start to learn and make some easy pieces of clothing as soon as possible before your baby arrives. After all, they’re going to need some clothes straight away! Sewing classes are a great option, and you can meet fellow newbies and pick up tips. If getting out of the house is difficult, then consider subscribing to a magazine. The internet though, is your most useful tool. There are so many sites out there dedicated to learning to sew – blogs and YouTube channels are where you’ll find the most in depth, easy to follow information.

The tools of the trade

To make all of these adorable pieces of clothing, you’ll need a sewing machine. There are plenty out there, from budget models to ones with enough features to make a whole array of different garments. Alongside a sewing machine, consider investing in a Bernina overlocker too. These machines will allow you to create professional-looking edges, hems and seams that will stand up to the demands of regular use.

Picking suitable fabric

Buying fabric can seem like a bit of a minefield. There are just so many kinds out there, and finding ones that are suitable for baby clothes can be a little confusing. For babies, cotton, cotton/polyester blends and cotton/spandex blends are the best options. Breathable, easy to care for and soft and comfortable for your baby to wear; these are the fabrics to shop for. They’re relatively cheap, and because baby clothes are so small, you’ll really get your money’s worth for each piece of fabric.

A fabric pattern that is pink with white dots
Image Source – Fabric Guru

Building a wardrobe

Which baby clothes should you be making? Providing you start before your little arrives, you should be able to gain the skills you need to make a whole wardrobe for them. Firstly though, you’ll need to master the basics. Accessories are a great place to start. Bibs, headbands, toys and blankets are small enjoy for beginners to tackle but will equip you with those all-important first skills. Leggings are also an easy piece of clothing to make – and there are many ways to customise them as you get more confident. T-shirts are simple enough too, and being gender-neutral, you can make plenty of them even if you’re not sure of the sex of your baby. As you get more confident, you can make some babygros, dresses and even shoes!

Get started now, reap the rewards later

The great thing about making your own baby clothes is that they can be altered to fit your child as they grow, saving you even more money. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a project come together, and for new mums sewing is a hobby that you can get completely lost in and gain a lot of confidence from. So why not give it a go? You’ll be hooked by the time your baby arrives!

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