Supporting a Dyslexic Child at Home – Parenting Prattle

Do you consider your child to be intelligent and articulate, yet they struggle with reading, writing and spelling at school? Have they been called lazy or careless by the teacher? Do they have low self-esteem? If this describes your child, it may be worth having him/her tested for dyslexia. Although these tests aren’t definitive, they … Read more

The parental guide to limiting your child’s electronic dependence – Parenting Prattle

Ten years ago, if you thought nearly every person on this planet would be walking around with a miniature computer in his or her pocket—you’d probably be locked away in an insane asylum and/or tested for possible alien DNA. Fast-forward today, and the idea of someone not having a miniature computer in his or her … Read more

Giving Your Teen a Car – Parenting Prattle

Eventually the time will come when your child wants to drive, or even get his or her own car. Most parents are never quite ready to handle this situation, but as a parent, you’ll need to prepare. Getting a car for teenagers should never be taken lightly. You need to consider several factors before making … Read more