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Many families use the weekend to reconnect with each other and catch up on the week’s events. It is important for many families to have this quality time together to strengthen their bond. However, taking about what happened that week can only take up so much time.

It is a good idea for every family to be prepared for the weekend with a few great ideas. These ideas can help any family enjoy their weekend time more while still staying within their budget. Here are seven cheap weekend activities for families.

A movie marathon

Movies are a great way to create a fun experience and memories that families can share together. There are a lot of great movies out there that the whole family can enjoy.

Local camping

Camping is another great alternative that allows families to get out of the home without spending a lot of money on a hotel room. A lot of local camp sites will be free or very inexpensive for families and provide them with unlimited entertainment, from hiking to swimming to making campfires.

Go to a volunteer event

Volunteering may not sound like the most fun family activity, but there are a lot of ways to do something good for the community and have a fun time together as a family. Parents can look through their local community calendars to find events like cleaning up the parks or helping other children learn a new sport.

Find a discount to a new local restaurant

Every time a new restaurant or other business opens, they will usually have a grand opening special that allows people to shop or eat there for a lower price. Families can look for these deals online and find specials in their area that they can use to enjoy a meal out without the high price.

Check out a library story time

Most local libraries will host a story time every day or at least once a week. Families can look for these occasions every weekend and attend for free entertainment. Most libraries will have a story hour for each age group, so everyone can be entertained.

Go stargazing

During the week, families usually are strict about their bedtimes. However, on the weekends they can be a little more lenient. Families can enjoy staying up late to see the stars and find some common constellations.

Learn a new recipe

Cooking and backing might not sound like a safe way to spend time with kids, but there are a lot of ways parents can set up a safe and fun kitchen environment for their kids. Parents can pick out a few recipes and let their kids help make a number of creations, anything from a simple batch of cookies to a full-course meal for the whole family. Any of these ideas can be great for any family who wants to save money.

Visit The Park

Sometimes the best activity is one of the simplest. Spend some time in your local park, walking around, playing games, flying a kite and having a picnic. It’s free and good exercise for everyone involved! You can pack a lunch and get creative with the things you do. Parks are also a great place to take some family photos, so don’t forget your camera! There’s no better way to enjoy quality time and build memories than taking a trip to the park.

Visit A Local Museum

Museums are often overlooked as an option for families but they can be great places to explore and learn together. Many museums offer free or discounted admission on certain days of the week or month. Some even have special events that cater to families with activities designed just for them. It can be fun to go through the museum exhibits together, looking at all of the interesting artifacts and learning new things about history, science, and art. This can make for a fun-filled day out without breaking the bank.

Play A Game Of Mini-Golf

Mini-golf is a great way to have some fun without spending too much money. Many courses offer discounted rates on the weekends, and they often include other activities like bumper cars or batting cages that can make it even more enjoyable. Plus, kids love mini-golf! It’s an opportunity for families to bond, laugh together and maybe test their skills against each other in friendly competition.

Have A Scavenger Hunt At Home

Scavenger hunts are a great way to get the whole family involved in a game. Parents can set up clues and tasks around the house that lead to something special at the end – such as a new board game or movie rental. This is a good way to teach your kids problem-solving skills while having some fun. It also helps to build teamwork if you have multiple children, as they’ll need to work together in order to solve the clues and find the hidden prize.

Enjoy A Nature Walk

Explore your local area and get a breath of fresh air with a nature walk! Take a stroll through a park or around your neighbourhood, looking for interesting plants and animals. This is an excellent way to learn about nature without spending any money. You can even bring along binoculars so that everyone can get a closer look at anything they see. It’s sure to be an educational activity that will bring everyone closer together.

Visit A Local Farm

Local farms are amazing places to connect with mother nature and learn about science, agriculture and rural life. Many farms offer special activities for families such as hayrides, petting zoos or corn mazes. This can be a great way to spend time with your kids while learning something new and getting some fresh air!

Go Geocaching

Geocaching is an outdoor adventure game that uses GPS-enabled devices to navigate to hidden locations. The goal of the game is to find “caches” which are usually containers that contain a logbook and sometimes a small item like a trinket or toy. This is an excellent activity for families who want to explore their local area while having some fun along the way. Plus, it’s completely free!

Go Camping

Camping is a great way to get away from it all and spend time as a family in nature. Depending on where you live, camping can be free or very low cost. Pack up the tent, sleeping bags and other supplies and head out into the wilderness for an adventure! Get creative with activities like star gazing, crafting nature art, telling stories around the campfire and exploring nearby trails. Camping can provide an escape from everyday life that’s both rejuvenating and educational at the same time. Plus, it’s much less expensive than a traditional vacation.

Visit An Animal Shelter Or Zoo

Many animal shelters and zoos offer free or discounted admission on certain days of the week, or during special events. This can be a great way to engage with animals in an educational setting while having some fun as a family. Plus, it’s always nice to do something good for the community and show your kids how important it is to be kind to animals!

A toddler enjoying a day out.
Image by staffordhills from Pixabay

There are just so many amazing activities to keep your kids entertained without breaking the bank. What are some of your favorite ways to have fun with your family while saving money? Let us know in the comments!

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