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Whether you are a stay-at-home mum or one that just needs a little peace and quiet in the afternoons or weekends, there are times when you would pay your last penny to have that luxury. Being a mum is the most rewarding experience in life, but still, that noise can drive you crazy! Here are some innovative ways to keep the noise level down at home so you can truly enjoy those brief, if not infrequent, moments of tranquillity.

Move the Playroom to the Farthest Corner

Some mothers plan the playroom near the living room or kitchen to keep the little ones close enough to keep a watchful eye out. When the kids are little, that is a great idea. But as they approach school age, it isn’t necessary to be ‘quite’ as vigilant as you were when they were toddlers. Perhaps moving the playroom to another room that is further away would mute the noise a little. You can still keep an eye on them, but the sound will at least be further away and not quite as loud.

Forget Moving Them Upstairs!

Have you ever lived in an apartment building with noisy neighbours upstairs? As you are sitting down to dinner or to watch a film, that is when they decide to do spring housecleaning or aerobics. Every sound comes right through the floor and it seems as though it is even amplified as well. Moving the kids upstairs is not a good idea if noise bothers you and you also might want to consider the safety factor. Accidents can happen whilst kids are running up and down the stairs so this isn’t a great option unless you are looking to move teenagers somewhere to blast their music.

Safe Garden Spaces for the Kids

In nicer weather, why not send the kids outdoors to play? It is quite easy to fence off an area of the back yard so that kids can have their very own play area. In fact, some parents even have little playhouses built where kids can keep their toys and games. Not only does this reduce the noise levels you are subjected to in the house, but the clutter is reduced as well. Garden Spaces offer some great options for children that can be a truly amazing way to keep them from underfoot whilst you enjoy a brief respite from all the activity.

Take Turns with Other Mums for a Trip to the Park

If you feel like you are alone, you are most certainly not! Other mothers, like yourself, would also love a few moments peace and quiet. Why not network with other mums to take turns taking kids to the park? That frees you up for some down time whilst they are happily playing with friends at the park and on your day, that mother will have her moments of relaxation as well. Here you will want to know that the mothers you are entrusting with the care of your children are going to be as observant as you would be whilst out on the roads. If you have trusted friends, then this is a wonderful option.

However you choose to reduce the noise, always keep the safety of your children first. How you solve your issues with noise will be dependent upon the age level of your children. Even so, there are ways to accomplish this without the use of earplugs. These are just a few ideas and if you think about it, you may find a few more as well.

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