Prattle? – Parenting Prattle


Admittedly, Parenting Prattle may sound like a very odd name for a website.  If you are wondering why we decided to name the site Parenting Prattle, then let us explain the thinking behind such a strange name.

Many parenting blogs that already exist have a very authoritarian and formal tone and are hard to relate to, in our opinion.  While authoritative and formal sites are fine for some subjects and topics, we felt strongly that if you are parent looking for advice, tips or just stories from other parents who have had similar experiences that you can relate to and sympathise with – the blogs that do that best are the ones that are friendly and down to earth.

Basic Definition of Prattle

When used as a noun, the word prattle essentially means inconsequential or foolish talk and as a verb it means to talk at length in an inconsequential or foolish manner.

Now, we are in no way, shape or form suggesting that the information on our site is not intended as helpful or serious, but rather we just wanted the name Parenting Prattle to convey the idea and invoke the feeling that visiting the site is like having an informal chat with friends and is nothing too overwhelming.

We want parents to visit the site, perhaps with a problem or a question and while they read through the posts, feel as if they are just having a good natter, a prattle with their friends over a cup of coffee and a slice of cake or a couple of biscuits (whichever they prefer)

We do definitely cover some important subjects, including money saving ideas and whether or not parents should get pets for their kids and if so what kind of animals are best; but as parents if you take every single thing in life far too seriously you could give yourself a heart attack or a very sore head.

Hopefully that clears things up a little!