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Ten years ago, if you thought nearly every person on this planet would be walking around with a miniature computer in his or her pocket—you’d probably be locked away in an insane asylum and/or tested for possible alien DNA. Fast-forward today, and the idea of someone not having a miniature computer in his or her pocket could prompt a very similar consequence. Apple’s iPhone and Android’s Smartphone are arguably two of humanity’s greatest technological breakthroughs, but they’re also two of a parent’s worst nightmare.

Yet, there’s is no conceivable way not to admire these bewildering gadgets—considering their audacious capacity to bend the rules of science with absolute ease (not to mention the immeasurable effect they’ve had on society). As a result, catapulting a once non-existent market into absolute hysteria. From the need to find a cost-friendly mobile provider, like Vonage plans that offer worldwide communication for people around the world to paying for your Subway sandwich with a gentle swipe of your iPhone, the cell phone marketplace shows no signs of losing momentum.

Today’s cell phone technology, to put it simply, is the work of magic. However, modern marvels such as the iPhone and Smartphone due come with a consequence. Particularly, when you take a step back and realize just how new these technologies are to our culture and to our children. What is most concerning, however, are the addictive qualities cell phones can produce, releasing endorphins that mimic the stimulation and high from drugs.

Fortunately, there are ways to curb your child’s dependence on electronics. Below, take a look at a few tips provided that will promote your kids to put down their most cherished possessions.

Encourage physical activities.

It may come off as obvious, but encouraging your kids to burn off excess energy with sports and other physical activities has the capability to produce life-changing results. Instead of picking your kids up from school, only to let them relax on the sofa with a zombie-like glare into their glowing screens, endorse why exercise can benefit them. If you must, play with them—it will make you and your kids feel more relaxed and less likely to feel the need to pick up the phone.

No cell phone zones

This one can be a bit tougher to accomplish, but once you get the ball rolling—it can make a dramatic difference. Remember, you’re the authority figure in your own house, so to don’t be afraid to lay down the hammer. Confirm with your kids that the bedroom is a cell phone free zone. When your child is in solitary confinement (or alone in his or her bedroom) they will most likely spend their time communicating with the virtual world. End this epidemic and encourage actual social interaction friends and family members.

Set an example

Remember, your children’s lives are strongly molded by the way in which you talk and/or act. If you’re someone struggling to limit your kid’s cell phone usage, try your best to not use your cell phone. The more your child sees you use your cell phone, the more likely they will connect this action as appropriate.

A woman using a smartphone outside.
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