Adults Acting Like Kids

There was an article in The Age Good Weekend a couple of weeks back about adults who are engaging in what was termed childlike behaviour. Those who own iPods, who read Harry Potter books and who go and see films like “Finding Nemo” were categorised as immature. The criticism of this generation of adults was extended to them not growing up. They don’t have a mortgage, are unmarried and without children.

The author surveyed a number of people in the thirties age group who were put in this category. It was interesting to note that in each case the person interviewed liked products designed primarily for kids but also had a thriving and busy career. Most of those interviewed were in a relationship with the possibility of children coming along down the track, but the author didn’t treat this as seriously as marriage. Those interviewed also made several points about the cost of owning your own home.

Well, I have to admit I like the Harry Potter books, having read them all. I also enjoyed Finding Nemo, though at least I took my 8 year old niece along for an excuse. I don’t own an iPod but mainly just because they’re too expensive for me. Despite my own enjoyment of so-called childish things I do also have a mortgage, a husband and a daughter.

What do you think? Is the enjoyment of things designed for children making us immature? It seems a pretty big call to claim this is the reason people aren’t opting for the traditional family life. Or is it the other way around? Are people retaining a sense of their childhood because they’re moving into the next phase of life later and later?

Does not marrying, or not having children, or not having a mortgage into the thirties make current generations immature? Or is it a more complex societal issue that that?


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