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As the New Year beckons, it’s time to have a crystal ball look into the future for the trends and fashions of engagement rings for 2016. Styles of the current year have included halo settings and marquise cut diamonds with celebrities flashing large rings to announce their upcoming nuptials. For great engagement rings, experts have all the latest designs in store now, so if you can’t wait, have a look at their newest items or if you want to combine all the predicted ideas and have a bespoke ring created, here’s the news on engagement rings for the next 12 months.

Rose gold

Rose gold, also called pink gold is the front runner for the fashion world of engagement rings in 2016. It’s already becoming noticeably more available in different styles but next year there are a number of designers with plans to ensure rose gold is definitely the bride and not the bridesmaid when it comes to top choice of ring metal. Rose gold isn’t simply a here today and gone tomorrow fashion, it’s been quietly building a reputation over the last decade as a beautiful choice for anyone who loves vintage or antique designs. There’s even talk that it may overtake white gold in the next five years as the number one choice for engagement rings.

Stacking rings

Stackable rings are everywhere in the catwalk world with fashion designers, A-listers and retailers joining forces to embrace the largest upcoming trend jewelry has seen in recent years.

You may be wondering what the big deal is with regards to stacking rings; it’s all about creating a look which expands on the tradition of matching an engagement ring with a wedding ring and then personalizing the whole look. If you already have your engagement ring, use this as the starting point for your collection; choose an aspect such as the overall design, the setting, metal type or gemstone and take it from there. Stacking rings are now designed to be worn on as many fingers as possible and as many as each finger can comfortably wear. If you haven’t yet chosen an engagement ring, consider a simple band with pave set diamonds perhaps and then add to this with larger stones on other fingers.

Colored diamonds

Engagement rings in the past often had a central semi-precious gemstone such as a sapphire, ruby, amethyst or emerald with a traditional ring of small set diamonds around it. This fashion changed to the solitaire diamond ring and much color was lost but the hot trend for 2016 is to combine the look of a single stone with color in the shape of fancy colored diamonds.

Available in almost 250 shades, colored diamonds are big news in the jewelry industry. With the rarest reds being sold alongside more affordable browns and the mystical blacks nestling next to celebrity favored yellows, it’s the hottest way to add color to an engagement ring but at the same time keep the rarity value of the gemstone.

Intricate profiles

The profile – or side view – of a ring is now more intricate than ever before and it’s an idea which is set to become more prevalent throughout 2016. Designers have worked hard to create filigree wonders within metals and to top it are adding gemstone accents and swirling engravings. An eye-catching profile always symbolizes luxury and style so if that’s the kind of look you want for your engagement ring, start looking now as it’s going to be a popular choice over the coming seasons and you don’t want to be left disappointed if your favorite profiled design is quickly sold out.

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