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Based on the Isle of Man, which benefits from advantageous tax regulations that make it popular among international investors, RL360° offers a variety of investment, tax planning and protection solutions. One of its products is Quantum, a premium savings policy that provides the potential for medium to long-term growth.

Quantum may be ideal for you if you want to save for your future on a regular but flexible basis. To help you decide whether this product suits your requirements, here is a brief introduction to some of its most important features.

A range of options

It is possible to get the product as either a capital redemption or life assurance policy. Once you have decided which option would work best for you, you can then choose a structure. You may decide to opt for a single policy. However, to help ensure it is as tax efficient as possible, you can divide it across 100 sub-policies. If you don’t specify which option you would prefer, RL360° will automatically issue 100 sub-policies. You can start saving into Quantum with just USD320 a month and you will be able to increase this sum later on if you wish.

The product gives you the opportunity to invest in as many different funds as you like, as long as either you or your financial adviser have registered to be able to switch funds online. However, if you lack online access, you will be limited to investing each premium into a maximum of 10 funds.

You can also choose which currency to set your policy up in. A total of seven are available, including euro, pound sterling, United States dollar, Swiss franc, Australian dollar, Japanese yen and Hong Kong dollar.

In addition, Quantum gives you the flexibility to be able to take premium holidays, meaning you can have a break from saving, and it allows you to pay in lump sums and make withdrawals.

What to do next

If you think Quantum may suit your investment requirements, your next step should be to speak to a financial adviser. This will help you to make confident and shrewd decisions. To ensure that people take suitable advice before they invest, RL360° only accepts business that is introduced through these specialists.

As well as its Quantum product, RL360° provides a variety of other investment options. You can find out more about these solutions, and read RL360° reviews, online.

The company is currently experiencing a period of expansion and, as part of this, it completed its acquisition of CMI from Lloyds Banking Group in November last year.

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