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When you want to sell a property, you might be naturally inclined to call up a traditional estate agent to make the sale for you. However, if you do that, you could be costing yourself money in the long run, as there are multiple hidden fees which you will have to pay. On the other hand, selling with an online agent is an increasingly popular option, as everything is made clear to you right from the start. If you’re unsure of the best way to sell, then hopefully this article will make things a lot clearer.

When you sell with a traditional agent, you’re putting yourself at risk of additional, unseen fees. Most charge an average of 1.6% of the total value of your property after the sale has gone through- which is hidden in a long stream of small print. You’re also likely to be charged simply for the agent valuing your property, although again this cost will usually only show up on your final bill. Alternatively, we charge our customers a simple, one-off fee of just £595 for the whole process, so that you’re not left short changed. We also create floor plans for your property free of charge- that’s just one of the ways we go further for our customers.

Another limitation that you’re putting on yourself if you choose a traditional agent is that fewer people are likely to come across your property. Since they want to make as much money as possible for themselves, they won’t list your property on all of the most popular property sites, as this means losing a cut of their commission. On the other hand, we are committed to giving you the best chances of selling your property as possible, and therefore are keen to list your property on as many sites as possible in order to ensure it is as easy as possible for buyers to find you.

Traditional agents are showing themselves to be behind the times yet again by insisting on showing potential buyers around your property themselves. Yet research has shown that buyer’s feel a lot more comfortable is the owner shows them around the property, and uses their in depth local knowledge to answer any questions they might have. That’s why we allow you to conduct viewings yourself, to give you the best chance of making a sale instead of having your time wasted by multiple viewings which go nowhere.

We are proud to say that we earn our customers on average a whole 3% more of their asking price than the industry average- that’s a whopping 99% that you’ll get with us. Instead of starting pointless bidding wars that dissuade buyers from even putting in an offer, we work hard to make sure that both buyer and seller know what price to expect, and that both parties feel comfortable during the entire process. We know that you’ll be delighted with what we can offer, so making the switch to an online agent really is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to sell.

Research by UK’s Leading online estate agent Emoov.co.uk

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