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Any parent wants what’s best for their child. And with statistics available every day about rising juvenile delinquency and crime among young people, one worry that many parents face is how to steer their child away from committing crime. Here are some ways that parents can help their children, without necessarily having to preach at them.

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Kids want to feel important, and the best way to make someone feel important is to let them know that you are listening when they talk. When your child comes to you, set aside whatever you are doing, and make it clear that you are paying attention. If your child knows you listen to what they have to say, they are more likely to listen when you give advice. Listening is the basis for any trusting relationship.

Spend Quality Time

Life is busy and hectic, and it’s hard to keep track of everything. If you’re working two jobs just to make ends meet, it can be hard to work up the energy to do much of anything on your rare days off. But just spending more time with your kids can help keep them away from dangerous activities. According to OK Bail Bonds (, you don’t even have to do anything exciting, spending the afternoon watching TV together, inviting them to come grocery shopping with you, walking them to school, or eating a meal together are all little things that matter a lot to a child.

Be Involved

If you have the time, be involved in your child’s life and daily activities. Go to a school event, volunteer to chaperone a field trip, even just inviting your kid’s friends to spend the night at your house is a good thing. Kids want to know that their parents are involved in their lives. It gives them a feeling of security and comfort, and children who feel secure in their lives are less likely to turn to crime.

Be a Role Model

The rate of crime among children whose parents are repeat offenders is much higher than those whose parents have a clean record. Kids want to be like their parents. If they see you doing something, they are going to want to emulate it, whether that thing is good or bad. Show them by your example that crime is not an option, especially when it might seem like the easy way out of a difficult situation. Furthermore, kids can spot a hypocrite. No amount of preaching is going to convince them not to commit crimes if they don’t see you living by your own doctrines.

Set Clear Limits

Lay down rules for your child and then stick to them. By being consistently firm, you teach your child that there are consequences for their actions. This lesson applies when a child is tempted to do something illegal, or is being pressured by others. If they are used to think of their actions in terms of the potential consequences, they are less likely to make a bad choice because they will be used to thinking ahead to what happens next.

Be Forgiving

According to OK Bail Bonds (, while discipline is important, a child who knows they will be forgiven is more likely to come to you when they have made a mistake. Keeping your child safe from bad influences may be impossible, but with a strong parent giving them guidance, love and forgiveness, children are less likely to take to crime. You can make a difference in your child’s life, and it is never too soon or too late to start trying.

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