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In depth roof examinations should always be carried out frequently; quarterly, semi-annually or annually depending on one’s availability. However it, is advisable to schedule these inspections with weather change, and should be conducted by certified professionals. There are companies that offer such services at a fee, however there are certain observations that can be made by the house owner or their family members without involving professionals. This leads to lower costs. Inspection scheduling also varies depending on the location of the house or nature of one’s roof. House in areas with lots of trees will require regular inspections, for example.

Flat Roof Care

A large percentage of flat roofs are not perfectly flat. They tend to have slope that aid in draining off runoff water. Although flat roofs appear uncomplicated, flat roofs require a high level of expertise to put up as mentioned by New York Lands Conservancy. When inspecting flat roofs remove all debris; leaves and soil deposits on the roof as excess debris increases chances of leaks, this will also help give a clear view of the roof. Inspect all drains to ensure there are no substances that may cause clogs or water pools as this may cause holes on the roof surface.
Prune away tree branches hanging over the roof. This helps reduce damages on the roof caused by falling branches. It also reduces the quantity of debris thus ensuring the drains are not clogged. Remove your drains and clean them, this will ensure free flow of water. For professional services you can always find a reputable roofing company to help you complete these tasks if you don’t feel comfortable completing them yourself.

A flat roof section covered in snow.
Photo by Javier Quiroga on Unsplash

Always check your roof for irregularities, such as cracks or holes. Spots on the roof with pools of water are a signs of low areas that require repairs. Look for sections that look soggy, which are signs that a professional is required to do repairs, or better yet, a replacement needs to be done.
Use a water hose regularly to flush water on the drains to confirm free flow. In case of problems with the drain that you cannot sort out, it would be advisable that you engage the services of a plumber to help clear the clog.

Requirements for Roof Care

To be able to conduct proper roof inspections, you should have a pair of flat-soled rubber shoes with good treads, as this will help prevent you from slipping and you can avoid injuries caused by falling. You will also need a ladder since it is advisable that you do not go on the roof. An adjustable wrench will be handy in case you need tighten loose bolts or change drains. Binoculars will be practical to inspect areas of the roof you cannot get to. You will also need a garden hose to use high-pressure water to flush down debris along the drains, and a branch lopper is useful to trim off unwanted branches hanging over the roof.


As much as you may be able to personally conduct roof inspections, it is wise to engage the services of professionals at least every three years. When using ladders ensure the ladder is placed on a flat ground and always have a partner to help with the ladder.


Climbing on wet roofs is dangerous and is not encouraged under any circumstance whatsoever. Roof inspections are also not encouraged during high winds.

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