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A dog taking a ride in a car.
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When you are ready to bring a four-legged companion into the home, you might consider adopting a dog. Depending on your lifestyle, choose the breed that will make the transition to the new home seamlessly, and that will be a good fit for your household.

A Labradoodle is a newer type of dog, first bred in Australia by mating a Standard Poodle and a Labrador Retriever. The best features of these two popular breeds result in a dog that loves to swim, good with children and that has hypoallergenic fur. These dogs are exceptionally easy to train, and learn quickly. A Labradoodle also makes a fine family pet, being loving and loyal with family members of all ages. Their exceptional traits have made this breed popular by those seeking smart service animals that can endure and excel at training to be therapeutic, working dogs. While it may be possible to find a great dog at a kennel or area shelter, there are some distinct advantages of raising a Labradoodle from an early age that has been bought from a reputable breeder.

Some things to consider when buying your Labradoodle puppy include:


When adopting from a kennel, you may never know the actual lineage of the dog that you take home. There may be some underlying issues that could also interfere with the dog’s behavior and adaptation to its new surroundings. Buying a Labradoodle puppy ensures that your dog doesn’t have a traumatic past or history that could compromise its transition to your home.


When looking for a Labradoodle puppy, buying from a pet store could be a very bad idea. Pet stores and puppy mills are notorious for selling sick puppies for top dollar. While nobody wants to pay big money for a sick dog, the heartache of bringing home a puppy with health issues, or that subsequently dies, is devastating. Consider talking with reputable Labradoodle breeders for a more practical option.


Buying your Labradoodle from a breeder can ensure that you are purchasing a quality family pet, and that your pet has been well cared for in the weeks prior to the adoption. These professionals often offer detailed logs of development and progress as litters are born and raised, giving insight into the dog’s growth and any issues that arise.


A reputable breeder will stand behind you, making sure that the dog is in the right home. They will offer suggestions and information that could prove integral when training and transitioning your new puppy to your home. Having someone who is vested in how well the dog fits in to your home is a valuable resource, and the best breeders want the new owners to be happy and satisfied with their choice, as well.

A puppy can be a welcome addition to the home, and a Labradoodle is an excellent choice for a pet. Good with children and quick to learn, these dogs merge the best characteristics of two very popular breeds, the Labrador Retriever and the Poodle. Talk with Labradoodle breeders to determine if your lifestyle is congruent with that of these clever, active dogs, and to view and visit their recent litters of puppies.

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