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Keeping your kids entertained often takes more work in the winter than in the warmer months, as the snowy and rainy weather can leave your children bouncing off the walls with their boredom and excess energy.

Here are seven great ideas you can do with your children to keep them happy and entertained during these winter months:

1. Movie Night

While going to a movie is always an exciting activity for a child, when there’s inclement weather outside, driving to the theater is probably the last thing on your mind. Instead, plan a home movie night. Choose a film from one of the Direct TV Packages, or a family favorite, and make an evening out of it. Or, make a whole day of it by involving your kids in the kitchen and making special snacks to enjoy during the movie.

2. Museums

A great way to pass the time is to spend the days indoors inside of a museum. There are many kid friendly museums from science centers to child art museums to automobile and train museums, giving them educational entertainment. Additionally, most museums offer free admission for kids under a certain age, or free admission on a certain day.

3. Ice Skating

Ice-skating is one of the best winter activities. If weather permits, find a local outdoor skating rink where you and your family can practice their skating skills. Be sure to bundle up with mittens and hats, and have fun out on the ice.

4. Family Board Game Tournament

Have some old-fashioned fun by bringing out the board games and having a friendly competition. Whether it’s Candy Land or Quelf, the entertainment board games provide are sure to keep any child occupied and free from boredom.

5. Arts And Crafts

Have special arts and crafts set-aside specifically for rainy and snowy days. Fun stamps, glitter pens, stickers, or special markers that are only used during rainy days can provide hours of entertainment especially for those who enjoy art projects. Keeping a set of crafts specifically designed for bad weather days will make the projects seem more exciting to your children and may make them look forward to the rainy days.

6. Camp Inside

Because of the weather, often outdoor activities are too cold. Turn your living room into an indoor campground complete with pop-up tents or small dome tents. Bring out the sleeping bags and blankets, and get your kids ready for an indoor slumber party. Bring as much of the camping lifestyle into your home by picnicking inside of the tent, eating s’mores, and spending the evening telling stories.

7. Snow Activities

After a bout of freshly fallen snow, one of the most exciting activities for kids is to play in the fresh powder. Once bundled up, spend the day building snowmen, creating snow forts, and making snow angels. After a couple of hours in the cold, top the day off with a fire in the fireplace and a cup of hot cocoa.

For the next winter day, use these tips to cure those winter weather blues.

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