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If you have recently moved into a bigger property, or have gained an extra room after family members have moved, you may be at a loss for what to do with the extra space. As great as a home gym may sound, a guest bedroom is likely to get more use and can double up as an extra closet or study space. If you are looking to make a guest room truly welcoming, here are some ideas.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Creating a welcoming guest bedroom starts with a comfortable and cozy bed – at the very least, more comfy than the couch. Depending on the size of your room and how many guests you are expecting, there are a variety of options available for durable and decorative beds. A sofa bed is a good idea if you plan to use the spare room as a second living room, while some manufacturers make standard beds with additional trundle mattresses underneath, so you can accommodate extra guests if need be. Trundle beds are also perfect for kids’ bedrooms, for sleepovers with friends.

Keeping Organized

When designing your guest bedroom, ensure that the room has plenty of storage options – nobody likes living out of a suitcase. At the very least, a wardrobe or bookshelf should contain some spare bedding and towels for your guests to use, and space for your guest’s items. As in a main bedroom, a bedside table is a must as well. If you find yourself a little short on furniture space, consider fixing shelves to the walls to double as storage and bedside tables, as shown here.

An organized bedroom closet area.
Photo by Zoe van Poetsprins.nl on Unsplash

Spare or Used

You may find that while a guest bed is invaluable for when family and friends visit – especially if you don’t want to lose your living room for days at a time – you may worry that you don’t get much use out of the room. Guest bedrooms, with some clever decor, can be multi purposed as both an inviting guest room and a fully functional room for you too. When decorating and furnishing the room, try and pick items that can get as much use as possible. Blackboard paint, with a desk and a bookshelf is perfect if you are thinking of creating a home office, as in this example – a huge pro for your guests if they want to have some downtime to read, work, or use a computer. Another idea is to place a TV and stand in the room, position the bed against the wall and top it with some cushions, creating a makeshift sofa for your new home cinema or games room.

Preparing For Your Guest’s Arrival

Finally, ensure you are well prepared for your guests’ arrival. Include a few thoughtful touches that will make them feel welcome and comfortable in their new home away from home. Little amenities like fresh flowers, snacks, toiletries and chocolates can go a long way – even if you don’t have the time to get up early on the day of their arrival to greet them with breakfast!

With these ideas and tips it should be easy enough to create a comfortable guest bedroom that will keep your visitors happy during their stay. Enjoy your newfound free space!

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