I’ve had it! I’m going insane. Someone chuck me in an institution and dope me up on drugs before I really lose the plot. I love my daughter, I really, really love her. But why, oh why, won’t she sleep????

I’ve tried everything from the moment she entered this world, but it’s just suddenly getting to me (not that it didn’’t ever before), but I just feel so weighed down by it all. Princess Toddler is all of 22 months of age and already deciding she can do without her daily nap. Are you kidding me? After going through nearly two hours of trying to get her to have her much-needed nap each day (if only someone would inform her of this), I am completely exhausted. Then, of course, I end up with a very irritable girl on my hands for the remainder of the day, which makes me even more exhausted. Then, trying to get an overtired toddler to bed at the end of the day is more fun and games.

Admittedly, this is not happening every single day, but every second day is enough to leave me feeling frustrated, tired, fed up etc etc. It’s great that she doesn’t scream anymore the whole time, she often just talks or calls out to me, but I just can’t bear it. She totally loses it when it comes time to put her to bed. Anyone would think I was stringing her up by her toenails in a dark cupboard while burning her teddies in front of it. And yes, it’s that dramatic.

I wish I were stronger. I wish I could just leave her to sort herself out. I wish it didn’t matter so much to me how she’s feeling at every second of the day. I can’t stand to see her upset. I know she knows this, no one need tell me that she’s got me wrapped around her little finger and all such popular expression for ‘hey, you’re being manipulated here.’ But I just can’t alter the way I feel. I was doing well with it for such a long time but …- End of rant. I need a Bacardi and coke, –or maybe just the Bacardi without the coke!

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