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Australia is definitely one of the most beautiful countries that the world has to offer, with everything from beautiful landscapes, exotic wildlife, luxury casinos and paradise-like beaches, there is no denying that this place definitely has something for everyone. It is absolutely impossible to experience everything that this glorious land has to offer in a single visit, so in order to help you plan your vacation, here are three places that should definitely make it onto your Australian bucket list.

The Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

Along with the world famous Sydney Opera House and the Uluru sandstone rock, it would be greatly frowned upon to visit Australia and not experience at least one out of these three attractions. Known as one of the seven natural wonders of the world, as well as being visible from space, The Great Barrier Reef is definitely the most exciting out of these three must see attractions. Stretching some 1400 miles (that’s about 2250 kilometres) and home to over 1600 different types of fish and 125 different types of sharks, there is no wonder why this location is such a popular one.

There is a large variety of activities available around this gorgeous reef, including a number of different types of diving experiences, glass bottom boat trips, aerial tours and even skydiving. If relaxation is more your thing, you will have your pick of many different utopian-like beaches, perfect for soaking up the sun.

Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex, Victoria

Holding the title as the largest casino in the southern hemisphere, with a massive 500 table games, 2500 Poker machines and some of the greatest Pokies that Australia has to offer, this architecturally brilliant casino is definitely a must see location. If the thrills of the casino isn’t quite your cup of tea, this entertainment complex also offers some world class shopping locations as well as a massive selection of nightclubs and restaurants, most of them overlooking the stunning Southbank waterfront. This is definitely one of the best places to test whether the Australian cities are as laid-back as we are told to believe.

By Jason Swindon

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