Those Three LITTLE Words

I have recently experienced that which a gazillion other parents around the world have heard, but which was so special I was sure there should be fireworks to mark the occasion – or at least a few streamers. Yes, my daughter uttered those magical three words. I was getting her dressed one morning, I leaned down and told her I loved her and then she said it, “I love you.” Forget the fact that five minutes later she also said with just as much enthusiasm “I love boat.” It was one of those precious times that I can still picture with immense clarity. Not to mention the fact that I still get the warm fuzzies whenever she says “I love Mum.”

So to mark the event, seeing there are no fireworks or streamers forthcoming, here are my I love you becauses for you my beautiful 18 month old ….

I love the way you rock your torso left and right, like a little dolly, when you dance.
I love the way you call ‘nigh nigh’ as I reluctantly leave your room at night.
I love the way you laugh with Dad and me when we all have pillow fights.
I love the way you smile up at me when I read to you and when I play you the kitten song on the piano.
I love the way you hand me a toy to tell me you want me to play.
I love the way you find such hilarity in covering my toes in sand, especially when they ‘magically’ appear again.
I love the way you make sure everyone’s included in everything we do.
I love the way you put such expression into what you say.
I love the way you splash in the waves and your giggles when you splash Dad and me too.
I love the way you bring such joy even when the day’s been shitty.
I love the way you find such wonder and fun in nature.
Most of all, my daughter dear, I love the way that you are you.

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