The Joy of Creating

Let me be the first to let you know that I am not the art/craft type. I can’t draw rabbits (well not ones that anyone would recognize as actually being a rabbit). I lose patience with sewing – after spending an hour trying to get the needle threaded with my frayed piece of cotton. I am more successful at sticking my fingers together with glue than I am at sticking mosaics onto a terracotta pot. But I have to admit I’m really enjoying doing art and craft activities with my daughter. I’ve had just as much fun as her making collages, drawing with crayons and whipping up a batch of playdough (yes, I’ve actually made my own!)

This led me to wonder why I’m enjoying doing these activities when I hated art at school, when I failed textiles miserably and when no one would eat my lovingly made scones. I dropped any artistic endeavors at the first opportunity. Even my own family laughed at my drawing of a koala – did it really matter that the eyes were sketched inside the koala’s ears? Well, yes, I guess in retrospect it did look a little weird. But I could never get perspective sorted out. What I pictured in my mind came out quite differently on the page.

But here I am, with regular, daily art and craft activities prepared with vigorous enthusiasm. I’m seeing opportunities everywhere: that bark would be great stuck on a page; Glitter on pinecones will be lovely for Christmas; we’ll take those shells home and make necklaces out of them. Who would have thought it? Least of all me. So this is what I came up with ….

My reasons why art and craft with a toddler is great:

1. I get in touch with my inner child (the results demonstrate this is true)
2. There is no pressure to perform (if I stuff up who will know?)
3. My daughter actually recognizes what my stick figure animals are

4. I am more advanced than someone else in the room (if only very slightly)
5. I decide what we’ll make and decide what it is when it’s made
6. It’s great doing something creative just for fun

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