Teething, Colic etc

I’m in love with Brauer. Brauer is not a new age name by the way. It’s a fantastic range of homeopathic medicine. I first got onto it when my baby was suffering from colic. I was put onto Brauer colic relief and haven’t looked back. Not only is it a natural solution but it actually works. Since those days I have used it for teething and stomach pain. Lots of mums I know also use it and swear by it.

The trick to using it though is to follow the instructions. Der, I hear you say. But really the secret of homeopathic is to hit it fast and hard as soon as you notice symptoms. Take the teething relief for example. Reluctant to put anything in my bub’s tummy that was off the chemist shelves, at first I waited until she was really gnawing on anything she could get her hands on until I gave her any. Then I only did the one dose. But then a homeopath herself said that you’ve got to get onto it quickly and give a high dose to start with for homeopathic medicine to really work.

So the next time as soon as bub showed the first signs of teething (don’t we get to know those pretty well?) I got straight onto it. Following the directions, I gave her one dose every half hour, four times. Then it was down to one dose every four hours. The only thing to be careful of here is that you start the doses at least an hour and a half before sleep time, or you’ll find yourself missing out on giving the full dosage as someone drifts into the land of nod.

There’s a huge range of Brauer for everything from colic to cold and flu. And, I noticed the other day there’s also an adult range now available. I’ll definitely be giving that a go.

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