Today was one of pure indulgence as I gorged myself on a decadent selection of strawberries and raspberries. Strawberries are my absolute favourite (Princess Toddler has also inherited a love of the fine fruit) so going to the Strawberry Farm was like stepping into dreamland for me. It was better than anything offered by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

It was by pure luck that we ended up there. The intention was actually to go to the Cherry Farm but it turned out we were too late in the season for picking so we looked up an alternative option. And I’m so glad we did. Upon our arrival we were met with a massive strawberry sign and shop that had everything strawberry imaginable inside. Plus more.

Our primary objective, however, was to pick our own strawberries so we grabbed a punnet, paid our two dollars and got ready to head straight out to the fields. The only problem was myself and my sister had our children in prams and the only way down was via the stairs. After asking a couple of shop attendees, we were helped out by a manager. He led us through the back of the store, via the factory where the strawberries were busily being packed into punnets by primarily Asian women. I couldn’t help wonder what the pay was for the menial work – interesting what happens when you go ‘behind the scenes.’

We headed into the neat rows of plants where strawberries abounded. Princess Toddler only needed a short course in strawberry picking and she was off. Within 10 minutes she had mastered the art of selecting a red strawberry, pulled it off the vine, ripped off the greenery and popped it into her mouth. I too was having a great time selecting the juicy fruit for my punnet, with a few not quite making it that far. Mmmm, they were sweeter than any from the supermarket. And what a great sense of satisfaction having hand picked them myself!

After paying for our prized selection we headed back to the shop. Strawberry jam, chocolate-coated strawberries, strawberry syrup, strawberry soaps, strawberry backpacks. Strawberry. Strawberry. Strawberry. There was also a great range of other products like raspberry ice-cream, laksa sauce and chutneys.

Next we headed to the strawberry café, the highlight of the day for my stomach. I had a raspberry sundae, complete with whipped cream, raspberry sorbet and of course, the most amazing raspberries I’d ever tasted. My mum indulged in the same and my sister and niece hoed into a strawberry sundae, complete with chocolate wafer bowl.

If that hasn’t made you envious enough, I couldn’t go past the strawberry wine tasting. I began with the Muscat, moved on to a strawberry dessert wine, then strawberry port, a strawberry liqueur and finally strawberry baileys. The port and baileys were my favourite but all were absolute treats.

Finally, we all piled into the car with stomachs full, and a load of strawberry stained kids’ clothes ready for the Napi-san. Oh, and did I mention I just had to take home some chocolate dipping sauce to go with the strawberries.

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