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Being a parent is hard work and even when you think you have done enough research, reading and learning there is always more worthy of your attention.  That is why it is important and very helpful as a parent to have several different sources you know you can refer to when you need to.  Therefore, for the following page we felt it was a good idea to share with you some of our favourite blogs, along with Parenting Prattle of course and why we love them.

For a very comprehensive list of the most influential blogs concerning parenting check out http://labs.ebuzzing.co.uk/top-blogs/parenting.  The following blogs are the ones that we felt were so good they should be highlighted, but every other blog on that list deserves to read.



OneDad3Girls is a blog that we are sure every single parent out there will fall in love with.  It was started by Darren (the dad of the blog name) and is all about the life and experiences he has with his growing family.  It is a standout blog because the majority of parenting blogs out there are from the mum’s point of view, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but OneDad3Girls is from the dad’s point of view.  It makes for a refreshing change and it is also undeniably sweet that he refers to both his daughters and wife as “his 3 girls”

Mummy Daddy Me


Don’t be put off by the polished and very slick appearance of Mummy Daddy me, because it is an engaging and warm gem of a parenting blog with lots of character and wit.  It was setup and established by Katie and Mr E, the mummy and daddy of the small family that the blog focuses on.  They decided to create a blog after the birth of their first child so that they had somewhere they could write, collect and share the memories of the adventures they have as a family.  Originally it was based on them being a family of three, until baby number 2 came along.  As with most parenting blogs written by parents about their own lives, the real stars of the show are the children.  Though special mention should be given to Katie who is something of a photography superstar who takes some of the best pictures we have ever seen.

Mummy Mishaps


If you hate reading blogs, articles and columns by seemingly perfect mums who only ever do things the right way without any problems and are looking for something a bit more down to earth and reassuring, then Mummy Mishaps may be right up your street.  It is run by Jenny, a mother of 2 delightful children who has a wonderful sense of humour.  Essentially it is all about her life and while she does post about the times when things go right, she also posts about the times when things go very wrong; giving it a the blog a more realistic view of parenting.

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