A week drenched in sunshine, immersed in water and inhaling delicious delicacies. Ahhh, sadly I have just returned from the warmth and relaxation of a week in Noosa.

Noosa was not as I had remembered or envisaged. Images of my post baby body lying whale-like among bronzed, perfectly toned bikini clad women were what I had prepared myself for. But though the ‘poser’ element still exists with the odd g-string and six pack strolling by, Noosa was remarkably family-orientated.

The foreshore was littered with buckets and spades, parents were seen eagerly showing their littlies how to take off on a body board, and many a sandcastle and hole in the sand was made. The low tide at Noosa’s Main Beach made for an excellent introduction to the surf. With a sand bar dividing small surf from large, gentle waves were a joy to young children, while the adults could still indulge in a little surfing of their own past the bar.

Hubby, Princess Toddler and I needed little more than the warm weather, soft sand and idyllic waters to find complete holidaying bliss. Hubby and I took turns being children ourselves, body boarding while one of us helped Princess Toddler jump the waves, find shells, and dig many holes that invariably became swamped by an incoming wave.

Eating out was also a joy as clubs and some restaurants even went to the lengths of advertising that they are ‘family friendly.’ The surf club was particularly easy to dine out at as food was served all day, so we were not alone eating a delicious meal at 5.30pm. In fact, it was continuously busy and relaxed. Not to mention the option of eating on the balcony. What better view than the ocean right at your table?

The boardwalks at Noosa are all now wonderfully built up too and strolls with a pram along the foreshore or up Noosa Hill are easily mastered (as long as you don’t take the ‘wonderful’ advice our hotel receptionist gave and suggested we go via the bush track – all stairs with a pram is not easily done).

Walking around town was fun and pram packed. A park by the river provided additional entertainment and the ferry down Noosa River to Noosaville and Tewantin also provided a wonderful opportunity to take our little one on. But, touring about aside, the weather was so perfect the entire week that the hotel pool and beach provided daily entertainment. Not to mention long and relaxing evenings for Mum and Dad after Princess Toddler slipped soundlessly into sleep after a day’s adventuring.

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