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As your kids get older and more responsible (and perhaps louder), you may consider giving them an area of their own to use. Obviously, the garden has always been an option, but is useless in anything but good weather. Here we will look at some options that could give your kids a bit more freedom, and you a bit more space.

Wooden Cabin

Wooden cabins are available “off the shelf”, and in as many designs as you could point a stick at. They can also add charm to your garden and attract buyers for your home. Of course, if you are a bit of a handyman, you could always try the construction yourself; though you should try to work with one of the cabin designs available on the internet (you can find some excellent building plans for free) to avoid wasting your money. You may need to insulate against the elements, and you will also need a maintenance schedule to keep your children’s cabin in good condition, but they are still a great choice.

Steel Frame

The beauty of steel framed children’s houses is that they can be designed and fabricated to your specifications, and a company like Cannonsteelsltd.co.uk will help you from conception to construction. Another benefit is the ability to use whatever panelling you want, and the security that your building will be strong and durable enough to last forever. Design options really are up to you.


Containers have long been used for storage, but more and more they are being used as residences and as office space. They take some adapting though, and you will need to add good climate control and probably some windows for light and air to circulate. Containers are a basic box that you will need to alter, and they can be oppressive if you do not control the environment. Perhaps not the best option, but they are available to rent and buy, and could be an excellent temporary measure.

Existing Outbuilding

If you already have a garage or outhouse, it is an easy task to convert them into a room for your kids. The best thing about them is the fact that they often already have an electricity supply and even water. The problem is that they are seldom insulated, which could give you an expense you do not want. Don’t worry though, it is possible to insulate your garage yourself, just as you could an outhouse.


Loft and basements can be converted into any room you choose, and a kid’s room is usually easier to do than most. Again, there are no construction costs, and an electricity supply should be no problem (your basement will probably have water too). The only problem here is noise, and as you are trying to give yourself a bit of space and some quiet, noise can be bothersome. Kids running around in a loft can create a lot of noise, and even a television reverberating through a ceiling or floor will be distracting. Insulation is again your friend, and soundproofing a room will be much less expensive than a new build. The greatest benefit for using a conversion is peace of mind, and having the kids in your home will give you plenty of that.

Building a Tree House

The last idea on this list is unusual, but can also be a great success. A tree house is a great way to give your kids freedom and independence, and they are usually easy enough to construct with some basic carpentry skills (and maybe a few friends). The main downside is the height; falling out of trees isn’t fun, and you will need to consider how safe your children’s play area will be. It could be the perfect solution for creating an outdoor escape with the right considerations and engineering.

The choice you make will depend on several factors. For instance, if security is a big concern, then you will want to have your kids in your home, but if you are considering length of use, a container is best in the short term, while a steel frame will give you permanence. Ease of build is also an issue, with planning permission required for buildings over a certain area (check local regulations), and water and electricity supply being another issue. Before you decide, weigh up the use, not just for now, but also in the future; this way you could get to benefit in the years to come from a room your kids use today.

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