Jelly Painting

This is a great one for beginner painters! Just about everything is often still going in the mouth when the littlies are ready for their first go at painting. So what do you do to try and stop this from happening? Jelly painting!

From about 12 months of age your little one may be ready for finger painting but you may not be too keen on the idea of even non-toxic paints being swallowed or splashed all over the house, your child and yourself.

There is nothing difficult about setting up for jelly painting. Just buy a packet or two of jelly crystals and make the jelly as usual. Red, green, orange, purple, blue, yellow. You can get virtually any colour jelly you like.

When your jelly is set just plop a couple of teaspoonfuls on a piece of paper and let your child go for it. Sometimes it’s a good idea to demonstrate with a few squishes and a bit of finger painting of your own, but your child is just as likely to go for it without any prompting! The jelly can be painted across the page, squished in little hands and squished between a folded piece of paper.

And the best thing about jelly painting? It’s easy to clean up, leaves no stains and best of all if your little one decides to test it out in his/her mouth no problem!

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