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Being a busy mum is tough, and you don’t always get as many breaks as you’d like. You rarely get the chance to indulge in your favourite online games or that new Netflix series you’re dying to watch. That’s why it’s important to recharge your batteries whenever you get the chance, whether it’s grabbing a quick cuppa before the kids wake up in the morning or doing a lunch time meditation. Here are some easy ways to recharge your batteries in those precious moments of free time.

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Stimulate your mind – Online gaming anyone?

One thing you may not have considered as a way to recharge is simply escaping the present for a few moments and completely absorbing yourself in a new activity. Gaming is a great way to do that, and it challenges and stimulates the brain. Mums can take advantage of this, and it doesn’t have to be in the way you think. Even a game of blackjack on Foxy Casino or vegas slots on can take your mind off the mundane tasks you might have on your list and have you pumped up for the day ahead, especially if you find yourself on a winning streak. Online slots are like the machines you see in casinos, and you can play for real money. Many slots come with free spins for first-timers so you can get a bit of practice in. Choose from games like Monopoly or Wheel of Fortune – anything that takes your fancy. Can’t get online to play games? Try the crossword, or read your favourite crime novel instead – anything that challenges your mind will help.


Get your adrenalin pumping

Short bursts of exercise may be the last thing that appeals if you’re already run off your feet, but here’s the thing: the more energy your body uses, the more it will make. Though it feels physically demanding, exercise actually boosts your energy levels, raises your heart rate and leaves you feeling invigorated. Don’t have time for an hour’s gym session? Simply invest in a treadmill or bike that you can keep at home. Just half an hour a day will make a big difference to how you feel.

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Practice yoga breaths

Yoga is traditionally seen as a relaxing, calming pursuit, but did you know that some yoga breaths can also leave you feeling energised? These are great tools to have in your ‘mum survival kit.’ The “breath of fire” is one example; it involves a series of short, sharp breaths where you pull in your stomach and force the air from your lungs. This exercise improves concentration, clears your mind and cleanses your respiratory system. Best of all, it only takes a few minutes.

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Rehydrate your body

It’s easy to feel worn out from all that running around. But the real reason you could be feeling so tired could be dehydration. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids throughout your day and you’ll notice a good difference in your energy levels. It doesn’t have to be plain old water – squash, juice or the odd fizzy drink will combat dehydration too. Just bear in mind that teas and coffees give you a false energy boost which you may experience a crash from later in the day. So, they are best in moderation. Why not try herbal teas instead, which are packed with beneficial antioxidants, herbs and plant extracts.

Those are just a few important ways you can recharge your batteries and re-energise when you’re a busy mum. Now it’s time to get smart about making pockets of free time during your day so that you can put these into practice. Whether you play online slots, do the crossword or do a yoga session, make sure you put in the effort to stay energised. It will be worth it!

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