How Hot is Too Hot?

I wonder whether I’ll ever get used to the extremes of temperature in the indecisive city of Melbourne. I struggle myself to get used to ‘beach going’ weather one day and ‘snuggle up in bed’ weather the next. It makes me wonder how our poor little ones manage to cope.

Already we’ve copped a lot of heat this year. With this I’m quickly discovering that people’s views on dealing with the heat differs, especially when it comes to the kids. For a Christmas break-up party this year we were all set to go to the park. It seemed like the perfect location for a bunch of toddlers – lots of space to run around and plenty to do. Not to mention, no worries about mess or cleaning up afterwards.

There was only one problem with the plan. The forecast temperature was 37 degrees. Leading up to the day, one mother suggested a change of plan because it was going to be so hot. This was quickly met with disagreement by the other women in the group. Personally, I agreed that the location should be changed. I thought that 3pm on a 37 degree day was way too hot to have little kids out in the heat (not to mention the four month old and pregnant ladies who would also be attending.)

As it turned out, it was also a smoky day due to the bushfires, so the smoke was the reason the venue ended up being changed – not the heat. It was a 38 degree day in the end and I was very pleased I had not had to cancel because of the heat. Despite us moving indoors there were still a few comments made suggesting we should have still gone to the park.

It’s an interesting one because when it comes to taking kids out in the heat or cold people vary in their opinions so much. Some parents keep the kids indoors in the cold and the heat, while others will have them out there no matter what the temperature. Still there are many in betweens as well. Some kids will be taken out early if it’s going to be a hot day or only somewhere they can keep cool like the beach. Some kids will be allowed outdoors only if it’s not too rainy or windy on a cold day. Others will opt for indoor activities only.

I guess it comes down to a parent’s personal opinion but perhaps also how they themselves cope in extremes of weather. It can make it difficult, however, when there’s a planned activity and not everyone agrees.

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