Easter Traditions

Easter is fast approaching and it seems to be one of the annual celebrations that differs more for people than any other. At Christmas families tend to get together, share a meal, exchange presents. But Easter doesn’t tend to have so much of a tradition attached. Some families get together, with or without extended family. Some choose to take advantage of the extended break and take off for the coast. Some hold Easter egg hunts for the children and for others Easter is just a time to get a few days off work.

Easter is one time that seems to change and evolve along with my family. As much as my family alters and grows continuously so seems to be the tradition of Easter. A thought is perhaps given for Easter being representative of new life, but otherwise we haven’t settled into any ‘traditions.’ There have been years as a child when I remember going away with my family and family friends to Lakes Entrance or somewhere similar. Hunting for Easter eggs in the long grass and enjoyment of that last part of summer at the beach were symbolic of this time. Other years I would awake at home on Easter morning to find ‘Easter Bunny’ had arrived and we joked over whether our pet rabbit was the REAL Easter Bunny.

As time went on Easter became less important though still celebrated. Time with friends seemed more the order of the day, and likewise for my parents. Then again, as my sister and I had children of our own we returned to a more traditional Easter approach. A casual catch up on Easter Sunday and exchange of a few Easter eggs. However, the last couple of years have changed slightly. With two babies and a child who is dairy intolerant, we last year began celebrating Easter by getting together for a meal and exchanging giving the kids gifts in the form of books. The adults had the great idea of a KK type arrangement where we each buy someone a bottle of alcohol we especially enjoy (mine last year was Tia Maria. Mmmm!)

This year is pretty similar but brekkie will be on, complete with eggs of course! Thankfully, the alcohol KK idea has stuck, and I yesterday bought a load of books for the kids. I like that we fit in with whatever the family’s up to for the year. A couple of members are taking off on Sunday afternoon, hence breakfast this time round. Though sometimes it seems to me a strange and incomplete celebration I also like that it’s flexible and continuously changing with everyone involved.

What do you do for Easter? Do you have particular traditions that you follow? I wonder if people celebrate similarly or whether everyone has their own ideas about Easter.

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