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Settling on a car insurance plan may seem like a daunting task, but by evaluating your priorities, mapping out your financial constraints and weighing out each available option—closing in on a policy is not too far away. However, one of the most imperative steps in choosing an auto insurance policy that fits your lifestyle is to not rush thru the process. There are countless platforms at your disposal to compare quotes from top brands, consult with a professional and learn more about competitors in your area.

If you’re in the process of electing an auto insurance policy, here are the top priorities to consider:

  • What is the current condition of your personal finances?

If you’re involved in an accident, it’s important to know that you will probably be paying a certain amount of out-of-pocket expenses to the mechanic and/or liability costs to the party who deemed the accident your responsibility.

The higher you pay on monthly premiums/coverage limits, and the less you set your deductibles at, means you’ll be paying a lower amount of upfront costs when involved in an accident. However, depending on your current financial livelihood determines whether or not paying lower or higher on monthly premiums is a good idea for you.

  • Financial assets

If you happen to be a homeowner with high-value possessions—it may be a better idea to agree to terms and conditions that put your monthly premiums at a higher rate. The benefit of doing so (avoiding to pay too little on coverage limits) provides you with leverage to evade the risk of enduring a lawsuit and/or other legal procedures handled in court where third parties may target your assets. If you pay higher on monthly premiums, you will better protected against losing your high-valued assets.

  • Are you a good driver?

It’s time to start thinking rationally and ask yourself if you’re prone to accidents and/or being pulled over routinely. If such is the case, it may be wise to opt to pay higher on your monthly limits because of the extra protection it provides; however, if you’re an extremely safe driver with hardly a scratch on your record, it may be a good idea to consider paying higher on deductibles being as though you’re less at risk of needing insurance.

  • What is your driving routine?

Do you work from home? How often do you need to use the car on a weekly basis? Do you drive far to work? Are the road conditions in which you commonly use subject to damage or bad weather? These questions, and others like them, are imperative to consider when choosing the insurance policy. To put it modestly, the more often you put the key into the ignition, the higher risk you have of needing insurance—simply based on the ‘laws of averages.’ The more times you’re in the vehicle, your chances of enduring an accident immediately go up; hence, you should be paying higher on your deductibles if you’re at less of a risk of an accident.

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