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Choosing the right lawyer when it comes to planning your family’s future is not easy, but it’s one of the most important things that you can do to ensure that your family’s interests are taken care of after your death. According to Patterson PC, a lawyer you can trust, you want to make sure that your family is taken care of the way you intend after you pass on, and this involves more than simply the distribution of wealth and assets. Asking the right questions is imperative to making sure that you choose correctly when you place your family’s future in someone’s hands. You want to be sure that you’ve made a choice that will help provide the support that your family needs in the future. No matter how early or late you begin the process of choosing a family lawyer, there are a number of questions to consider in making the right choice.

Costs: What You Are Getting, Upfront Fees

When you start your search, make sure to know what is being included in your initial consultation. Many firms offer a free consultation, but it’s not always clear what you are getting besides upfront general advice. When firms charge for an initial consultation, you need to ask what is included in that fee. Is it simply an initial meeting? Can or will documents be reviewed concerning assets, debts, or other issues which may arise after your death? How involved in the process does this initial consultation take you as a client? Answering these question will help you choose correctly.

Do You Feel Right With the Lawyer You’re Talking To?

There are a number of things to consider when meeting a lawyer for the first time. How much attention will be given to your family by the firm or by your individual lawyer? Some smaller firms provide individual attention, but some larger ones have enough lawyers to ensure that your personal needs are attended to with care. Are you dealing with an experienced attorney or are you dealing with an assistant or new attorney? Most importantly, how do you feel when it comes to dealing with the attorney you’re talking to? Do you feel you are getting personalized attention and that the lawyer is focused on your concerns? Your relationship with a new attorney is a personal one that can last many years. Making sure you feel comfortable at the outset with an attorney is central to making sure that they care about you.

What Kind of Matters Does Your Lawyer Handle?

The next step in making sure you’ve chosen the right attorney is making sure that they are in tune with your interests, and asking questions about your estate’s future is important. How dedicated is your lawyer’s practice to family and estate law? Do they demonstrate interest in making sure that your family’s interests in general are protected? Is your attorney concerned about issues related to your family’s future, or just the distribution of your assets, such as minor children and potential health issues that may affect insurance? Is your lawyer asking questions about living wills and whether there are other family concerns that might come up in probate? Asking these questions and looking for these issues will avoid many problems in advance and ensure that your lawyer is working as an adjunct to your family’s interests for years, even generations, to come.

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