No longer a baby but not yet a child, how do you endure long car trips with those new to the world of toddlerhood?

My daughter’s pretty easy to take on a long car trip (I’m talking 3 to 4 hours here), but still some strategic planning and good timing is still essential before any long drive. So I thought I’d share my car trip tips for young toddlers:

1. Pack as much as you can the day before you’re off on your trip. This is especially important for camping where a lot of gear is needed.
2. Start the day as usual to avoid disrupting your toddler’s routine too much. For example, if your toddler usually eats breakfast at 7am, then still eat at that time.

3. Make sure you take a separate bag that’s easily accessible and contains everything you’ll need for the trip (nappies, food, drinks, toys, wipes, sunhat etc).
4. If your toddler sleeps well in the car, leave for your trip about half and hour to an hour before your toddler’s usual nap time if possible.
5. Stop off for a good break when your toddler wakes or is due for a meal. Make sure you stop where your toddler can run around and burn off some energy. A park is ideal in fine weather. A shopping centre is another option if it’s raining.
6. After a run around and meal continue your trip. Make sure toys are at hand so your toddler has some entertainment in the last part of the journey. A new or favourite toy is handy to have available.
7. If there’s more than one adult present the passenger can jump in the back with your toddler towards the end of the trip if needed for some entertainment. I find things like toy animals falling of the chair in front provide great value. Music is also a great one so make sure the favourite CDs are packed or the radio is tuned in.

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