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Don’t know whether you should quit your job to have babies? No, is the answer. No. You do what you want. If you want a career and a family, you have both. If you have a loving support network, this will be fine, and ‘easily’ accomplished. See below for more help.
Gumtree infographic baby versus career
Gumtree infographic Baby Versus Career

For parents wanting to continue their careers while they raise their children, it can be tough to juggle everything all at once. You may feel overwhelmed with all the commitments, leaving little time for yourself. However, there are ways to make this possible by being creative with childcare solutions and making smart decisions about your work-life balance.

One important factor is communication – talking to your employer about your plans for having children is key in helping them understand your situation better and allowing for a smoother transition. Flexible working hours, job sharing, and taking parental leave are all options to consider when deciding how to manage your work-life balance with a baby.

Another important tip is finding the right childcare for you; this could range from daycare, family members, or even nannying services. Other support networks can help parents cope better such as parenting classes and online resources offering advice and information on raising children while working full-time. Additionally, it’s worth considering saving up some money in case of an emergency fund – one thing you certainly don’t want when having a baby is financial stress!

Overall, having a career and a family can be managed at the same time if you have the right resources and support. It’s important to be mindful of your priorities, while also taking care of yourself to successfully manage both. With careful planning and dedication, working parents can find a way to have it all!

The Gumtree infographic ‘Baby Versus Career’ is an informative visual guide that helps provide further insight into how you can make it work with having children and a career.

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