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Family 25Taking the family on vacation may strike fear in the heart of those that worry about the cost of traveling with their brood. Trips, whether across the state or around the globe, offer a distinct way of teaching family members about new things, different cultures, and can foster a sense responsibility in new or young travelers. There are some destinations that could be more feasible cost-wise, and that offer those traveling with US dollars more bang for their buck.

Some great, cost-efficient vacation destinations include:


Mexico is the perfect destination for families looking forward to a vacation in the sun, with the crystal blue waters close by. A great area to visit is Los Cabos, which is actually two distinct areas melded into one offering shops, restaurants, galleries, and a wide-range of water sports and recreation. When you consider a Cabo San Lucas vacation, be sure to check out some of the villas and resorts in the region. These may curb the costs of dining out, and most high-end establishments offer all of the amenities that travelers are seeking on-site. This cuts down on the driving that you have to do during your trip, as well as curbs the costs of feeding and entertaining all of the members of your family.


For a true international experience, consider visiting Peru. Peru is a great family destination, and is another place to visit where the United States dollar goes further. The people are friendly, the sights are so different, and family members will arrive home with a new appreciation of their surroundings and conveniences.


Depending on where you are traveling from, Canada is a wonderful international experience that can also be affordable for families. The diverse culture, unique landscape, and wide range of sights and activities make this a great destination for family members of all ages. Visit Quebec during June to check out the hoopla surrounding Saint Jean Baptiste Day; prepare to see parades, visit brewpubs, and enjoy multi-cultural feasts in honor of this significant French-Canadian holiday.


There are few locales as exotic as India, and in 2013, the US dollar was worth around 54 rupees, which makes the exchange rate strong for travelers from the US. This equates to a budget-friendly vacation that the whole family will enjoy, and that they will remember for a lifetime.


Thailand is another great destination for families that don’t have an unlimited budget. There are numerous accommodations and excursions to choose from, so you can customize your adventure to best suit the needs and desires of each family member. Thailand offers a mix of culture, history, shopping, beaches and more – all at a budget-friendly price.


Brazil is an excellent destination for families looking to save money but still have a thrilling vacation. While Rio de Janeiro gets a lot of attention as the most popular city, there are plenty of other destinations within Brazil that offer more affordable options for lodging and activities. Brazilian cuisine is delicious and diverse, so there’s something new to try around every corner. With beautiful beaches, great shopping and exciting nightlife, Brazil can be the perfect destination for a budget-friendly family vacation.

Set Sail

A cruise is a cost-efficient option for families or those traveling in groups that want to avoid the pricey incidental costs that vacations can incur. The fact that all of the food, lodging and much of the entertainment is often included in the price means that it is possible to take large groups or young children along for the adventure. Seek out ports that are close enough to home so that you can avoid the price of airfare to your embarkation. Also, booking cruises last minute may yield the best bargains on under-sold cruises. Ports of call offer excursions at an additional charge so determine if this is the best way to allot funds, or choose to visit the port independently, for no extra cost.

It doesn’t have to break the bank to take the family on a much-deserved holiday or vacation. There are some destinations that offer travelers a high exchange rate on their US dollars, and that could prove to be real value vacations. Instill a love of new cultures and exciting places in young travelers by taking the entire family on a trip!

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