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Most families will agree that they wish they could spend more time together taking a break from their normal lives and experiencing new things. These are just a couple of the reasons why so many families love to travel and go on vacations.

However, traveling can be very expensive for a family on a budget. In some cases, it might be better for the family to try and make a vacation at home to save some money. Here are six fun staycation ideas for families that anyone can try to create an awesome way for the entire family to take some time off and try something new together.

Have a movie marathon weekend

Watching movies is a great pastime for any day of the week. Families usually do not get the opportunity, however, to watch a lot of their favorite movies all in a row. A great staycation idea could be choosing a great line up of movies from TV Providers and watching them all in a row. Families can choose a theme or try some new movies.

Visit a local national or state park

There are a lot of great parks in the country that many people visit every single year. Even if a family cannot travel to one of the famous parks that they want to visit, they can look in their local region for a park that will satisfy their outdoor needs. Look for lists of national or state parks in the area to find out which one will fit all of the family’s needs.

Go camping in the backyard

Camping is a fun way to explore the great outdoors and visit new places. Driving to an expensive camp site in a popular area can be out of reach for some families. Instead, anyone can set up their tent in the backyard and go camping for the weekend in the comfort of their own space. This can be a fun way to spend the weekend that will bring the family closer together.

Explore the city

A lot of people have certain places in mind that they would like to visit and certain landmarks or attractions that they would like to see. However, a lot of people forget about all of the great attractions in their own city. Families can take some time to visit all the wonders of their own town and find new attractions that they can continue to visit on a regular basis.

Create a scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt can be a fun activity for everyone to participate in. Scavenger hunts can be as simple as a little maze around the backyard or as elaborate as a puzzle around the entire city. Parents can set up a hunt that will be appropriate for everyone in the family and watch as the kids search for all of the clues.

Start and finish a craft project

A lot of people like to do craft projects, but few people feel like they have the time to finish them. Families can use the time they have for a staycation to finally finish a project they have been working on, or start a new project that they can complete beginning to end.

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