4 Unique Holiday Ideas – Parenting Prattle

With the improvements in air travel and modern holiday packages, there are lots of different things you can do while on holiday with your family.  There is actually so much choice available that you could be missing out on some truly unique experiences.  In the following article we discuss a few of the more “out there” holiday options available to you.

Train To Be An Astronaut In Orlando, Florida

If you are interested in all things related to space exploration, you may want to consider a trip that involves spending time at the Kennedy Space Centre, where you can take part in very realistic astronaut training.  You have a chance to learn what all the controls on a space shuttle control panel do and experience how harsh on your body a rocket launch would be.

Simulations, hands-on training and the chance to meet veterans who have actually travelled in space; makes this a very unique experience.

Storm Chasing

If you have ever seen the film Twister you will know how exciting and dangerous the life of a storm chaser can be.  If speeding along in an SUV you should look into one of the tours available the aptly named “Storm Valley” situated in the Central states of the US.

Although it is still a dangerous pastime, because of advances in GPS mapping technology and communications, it is much safer and more efficient than it ever was in the past.  One of the bet parts of these kinds of tours is that there are opportunities during them to take photographs as keepsakes of your experience.

Devil’s Pool, Victoria Falls

There are only a very small number of things that are more stunning on the planet than a powerful and impressive waterfall.  As exciting, and it is very exciting, to watch the falls drop and crash into the water, from below; it is even more exhilarating to peer over the edge of one or even feel yourself swimming up to the edge.

One place that it is possible to do the latter is at what is named Devil’s Pool at Victoria Falls.  The pool is formed every year after the dry season lowers the water levels.  Dare you take a plunge into the little pool?  There is just a small rocky rim that forms a barrier between the pool and the 100 metre drop of the falls.

Visit One Of The World’s Extravagant And Amazing Casinos

If the above suggestions are perhaps more active than you wanted and you wanted to do something that required less physicality, why not try something that is daring in a different way?  Like a trip to one of the world’s most amazing casinos.  Take a look at the Huffingtonpost’s top casino list review and try to deny how tempted you are to book flights and spend some time at Mandalay Bay or Caeser’s Palace.  Remember that when you are sick and tired of gambling, or no longer have any money left; these hotel resorts have lots of other forms of entertainment and recreation for you to enjoy.

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