Hilariously True Stories about Parents and Children – Parenting Prattle

We all know that parenting is a lifelong commitment that comes with its fair share of bad days, good days, ups and downs.  It’s the extremes that make parenting a good source of stories.  While many stories concerning the subject of parenting and family life are very sad, there are many more that can have you rolling around on the floor laughing your head off.  In the following post we are going to stick with the latter rather than the former.

For your entertainment, and to show you that we all have “those days”, we have gathered some of our favourite true and hilarious stories from around the web.

Take a minute and have a good laugh!

There was a woman who had just arrived home with her 4 year old daughter and needed to go to the bathroom.  Their bathroom doesn’t have a door handle and as the woman was having her period she was busy cleaning herself up.  It was at that point that the daughter wandered in and got the fright of her life when she saw her mum mopping up blood.  She quickly ran down the hall shouting and screaming that “MOMMY IS BLEEDING OUT OF HER BOTTOM!  WE NEED TO GET HER TO THE HOSPTIAL”

The next story is a little disgusting, but is one that most parents can relate to we are sure.  A dad was cleaning his daughter’s nappy and bottom.  It was one of those nappies where the poo was just about everywhere – on her hair, back and neck etc.  He was quite pleased of the job he had done when he put a fresh nappy on and sat down to enjoy some guacamole.  He had finished the serving of guacamole he had served himself and then noticed a spot of the dip on his finger.  Without thinking he did what we would all have done and popped his finger in his mouth and sucked it clean.  However, it was not guacamole that he sucked off his finger!  Oh dear!

Those first 2 stories were taken from http://daddydoinwork.com/funny/#sthash.gXAdOo4T.dpuf

A boy was having bedwetting problems and needed one of those poly covers for his bed.  Kindly one of his uncles, who was visiting at the time, was teasing him about the cover which prompted the little boy to boldly proclaim that he could be dry for a whole night and that he would be that particular night.  Nothing else was heard of the boy that night until about 4 am in the morning when everyone in the house woke to the sound of him screaming.  The boy had come up with the ingenious, yet painful idea to close his penis using plasters so that he wouldn’t wet the bed.  As you can imagine, it hurt like hell when nature eventually called.

In another story a woman was taking her son, who was 4 at the time, to his gran’s house which was a short journey along to the neighbouring town.  During the journey the boy asked his mum “Can we go to the bathroom please?”  His mum answered that they were almost there and could he not hold it in.  The little boy then replied “I’ll get my hands dirty if I do that mum” Haaa!

The last story is about another 4 year old who was playing outside with some of his friends and came home crying.  When his mum asked him why he was so upset, he said that he had done a poo in his pants.  His mum checked his pants and was surprised to find nothing.  When she said she couldn’t see anything, he told her it was on their neighbour’s front doorstep.

The last few stories were taken from http://community.travelchinaguide.com/forum2.asp?i=41529