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Why You Should Consider Lending Works And Debt Consolidation Loans


If you are finding it hard to stay on top of all your monthly bills and debts; it can make life for you and your family a lot harder and stressful.  Having one debt that you would love to pay off but are struggling to is bad enough, let alone having 2,3, 4 or even more to pay.  It isn’t just the money that is the problem, it is dealing with various interest rates, various debtors and still trying to make ends meet in the meantime.

A personal loan may seem like a good solution, but even if your loan is enough to cover the monthly payments, you will still have to arrange payment plans with the individual debtors.  This is why you should consider looking at flexible and easy to manage debt consolidation loans, like those offered by Lending Works.

Debt consolidation loans are specifically for when you have a variety of debts you are struggling to pay off every month.  They not only enable you to shrink the payments down into one manageable chunk, but help get the debtors off your back.  One of the problems associated with this type of loan is that the easier life it gives you normally comes with much higher interest rates.

Lending Works

However, by choosing to take out a debt consolidation loan through Lending Works, you can expect much lower interest rates than many of their competitors.  This is because of the way Lending Works operates.  They are one of the first peer to peer lending platforms who match up normal people who are looking to lend money to those who need it, with trustworthy borrowers who have a reasonably good credit history.

By cutting out the middlemen and avoiding any business involving the banks, they want to make financial services safe and fair for all again.  They want you to feel control over your finances again, which is why they have made applying for their services very quick and simple.  When you apply for a debt consolidation loan for instance, if your application is successful you could have the money in your chosen bank account within just two days.

Many other financial organisations, like banks and building societies are obviously more interested in getting their hands on what they see as their money and are less interested in your well-being.  At Lending Works, things are completely different.  While the company would not want you to apply for a loan you couldn’t afford to pay back; they are very aware of how things can change in life.

When changes happen, like your rent increasing or your pay getting reduced; even if you are managing to repay your loan comfortably, it can cause further strain.  Lending Works are aware of this and allow a lot of flexibility when it comes to how much you pay back and how quickly you pay it back.  They even, in stark contrast to many of their competitors, allow you to pay off your loan quicker without charging you extra.

If you have only just started thinking of taking out a debt consolidation loan, then hopefully this article has helped show you the benefits and why you should consider using Lending Works.

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