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Why Mothers Should Consider Getting a Massage

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Mothers are amongst the busiest people on the planet. Whether they are stay-at-home mommies or career mommies, these women are pushed and pulled in every direction. Between work-work and home-work, mothers can be left feeling like they’ve been spread too thin. According to Amy’s Skin Care, your source for beauty in Houston, one of the great ways to relieve the stress and find new focus is through massage. Here’s some reasons burnt out mothers should consider regular massage therapies to dissipate the cares of daily life.

An Effective Pregnancy Therapy

Whether it’s the first child or fourth one, getting a therapeutic massage during pregnancy can do wonders for a woman. Pregnancy produces many rapid changes in women, both physically and hormonally, and massage is a great complementary choice for prenatal care. Massage is a natural way to relieve stress and work out any aches or pains that may arise, including backaches, neck stiffness, leg cramps, headaches, and swelling. Furthermore, massage is an effective therapy for the increased stress on weight-bearing joints, and it promotes healthy blood and lymph circulation. Anxiety and depression from hormonal changes can also be countered with massage.

A Mood Lift

According to Amy (click here) grumpy and unhappy mom means a grumpy and unhappy household for most people, but massage is one of the few ways to counteract bad moods instantly. Making time for an hour-long massage, even once or twice a month, can give mothers enough time to relax and rejuvenate, allowing them to come home feeling happy and with their emotions in check. A massage may seem like a splurge, but working it into the monthly budget is an investment in both the emotional and physical health that mothers need to do their job.

Effective Stress Relief

Stress is a daily part of life, but chronic and prolonged stress doesn’t just have an emotional effect; it changes how the brain works. Research has linked stress to several health problems, both mental and physical, and finding an effective release is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A therapeutic massage is a proven way to reduce and remove stress of both body and mind. Headache-causing tension that is built up, particularly in the shoulders, neck, arms, and facial muscles, can be treated by massage therapists to restore the body’s balance and boost energy.

Energy Booster

Speaking of energy, mothers who find themselves burned out could benefit from a massage session for this very reason. It will relieve their muscles and fight off feelings of sleepiness that attack them in the late afternoon. Even after a single session, they can leave with their body feeling revitalized and energized to take on the day’s work.

Promotes Overall Health

Mothers constantly worry about the health of their families, but oftentimes, they find little time to take care of their own health needs. Research shows that participating in regular massages actually helps improve muscle function, recovery time, and circulation. They help the body recover more quickly from workouts, aid in weight management, and allow the body to cleanse itself of toxins and harmful chemicals in a natural way.

The All-Important “Me” Time

Everyone needs the ability to take some time off for themselves to decompress, mothers probably more than most. A massage is a great way to take care of stress and health, and it is a period of time where mothers can relax their minds and think just about themselves. In the long run, a few regular massage “me” times will help mothers be more patient, happy, and effective in their work and family life.

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