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The Importance of Flossing


Most dentists say that in order to maintain a healthy smile and clean mouth is not only through regular brushing, but also daily flossing. Brushing will help remove food particles, germs and stains that can accumulate on your teeth and gums but brushing alone is not enough. According to the American Dental Association, flossing helps to remove food and other particles that get trapped in your teeth and cannot be removed by brushing alone.

Using floss should be something that is a part of your daily teeth care regimen. There are many excuses you can come up with for not flossing your teeth on a regular basis. These excuses include never getting food stuck in your teeth, not knowing how to floss or lack the necessary coordination to be able to floss properly. Regardless of any excuses, here are some reasons why flossing is important and some of the products available that can help you. These reasons may provide you with an impetus to begin flossing today and keep flossing in order to improve your oral health.

Why Flossing is Important

According to Cashion Dental (click here), the bacteria and plaque build-up that is left behind after brushing can be removed when you floss on a regular basis. The different types of flossing products that are available are designed specifically for the type of teeth you have and can accommodate you if you wear braces. Plaque that is not removed will harden and contribute to tooth decay. The harden plaque, known as tartar, leads to chronic inflammation of the gums and can also lead to painful mouth infections.

Diabetes sufferers have a greater chance of developing gum disease, especially with the presence of tartar on your teeth and gums. According to Cashion Dental (click here), diabetics have a higher glucose level in their saliva and develop periodontal diseases (those which affect the mouth and gums) at a higher rate than non-sufferers of the disease. Preventative oral care that includes flossing serves as your best defense from developing more serious problem that not only cause you pain, but may also threaten your overall health.

Ways to Make Flossing a Regular Part of Your Routine

One of the ways to institute a regular habit of flossing is simply by doing it. Place a post-it note or other reminder on a medicine cabinet or in the space where you regularly brush your teeth. Use this visual reminder as a way to prompt yourself to remember to floss your teeth, either before or after brushing. It is also important to choose a floss or other type of interdental cleaning aids, such as floss holders and interdental brushes that works best with your mouth.

Flossing is a habit that you have to accept as being a regular part of your oral care. Regular teeth cleaning performed by a dentist can become costly for you. You may be able to reduce the frequency of these procedures and save some money by flossing more and performing this task as part of your daily teeth cleaning process. Discard the excuses that may have hindered you in the past from flossing and find a way to make this task something you look forward to as oppose to dreading it.

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