Post Christmas Blues

Yep, I’ve got it and I’m driving myself insane. There was all the excitement, happiness and company of Christmas and then, suddenly, nothing. Niente. Princess Toddler’s activities are all finished for the year, other mums are busy having holidays with their partners and/or older children. But me? Yes, I’m feeling sorry for myself. Hubby is back at work (albeit because we took holidays in November), the weather turned to shit and the days have dragged on and on and on.

I wish now that I’d made more plans for the period between Christmas and New Year. I know it’s only four days. Is that all? Seems more. Anyway, Christmas was well thought out but little did I realize what a downer I’d be on afterwards. (Note, remind self one week before Christmas 2007 about this.) Who knew how much I relied on my three weekly events – playgroup, music group and catch ups with other mums? There, I’ve even said it. MY weekly events. Actually, they’re entirely Princess Toddler’s activities but I have just discovered that they’re just as important, if not more important, to me as they are to her.

She seems perfectly happy to play at the park, dig in the sandpit and go for walks (mind you there have been a few more grumpy moments than usual). But me? I’m counting the hours until hubby gets home. I’m checking the diary for when the activities resume. I’m trying not to ring the same people for the tenth time in one day.

I absolutely adore spending time with my daughter but I’m craving adult conversation and an outing with other people. I’d even rather be in a small room singing badly out of tune while a bunch of toddlers maniacally hit percussion instruments. I’d rather be fishing a sopping wet daughter out of a baby bath that was constructively put out for the kids to play with by a well-meaning playgroup volunteer. I’d rather be trying to fix myself, and then consume, a cup of lukewarm coffee while chatting to a few mums. I’d rather be halfway through a conversation before being whisked away to play farm animals.

I have learned valuable Christmas lesson two this year. Plan ahead for the post Christmas blues.

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