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Parents –What To Look for When Buying a Family Home

picLooking at property to buy is always quite exciting, but it is even more exciting when you are viewing property to buy for a small and growing family.  As exciting as it there is also the additional responsibility that you are not just buying a new home for yourself or you and your partner, but a house where your children are going to grow up in.

That element can make the task even more stressful, because you want to make the right decision that is best for everyone, especially your children.  With that in mind, at Parenting Prattle we have put together a collection of tips that we think are helpful for when you are looking at properties for sale in Aberdeenshire for your family.

School Catchment Area

Obviously when looking at family properties you have to look at if it’s in the catchment area for the school you would prefer to send your children.  Even if you do not have a particular school in mind, it is still worth researching the schools you would be allowed to easily and in some cases, automatically enrol your children at.

Geographical Location

If you lived in inner city locations before having children, it is likely that you will be interested in moving away from the hustle and bustle.  Aberdeenshire is a very idyllic and beautiful place, which is why it is an ideal area to setup a home for your young family in.  The fresh air and being close to rolling countryside will not only be good for your children’s health, but will help you to feel calmer and more relaxed on a day to day basis.

The Neighbourhood

The neighbourhood of properties you are viewing is of great importance when you have a family.  Not only is it important to research whether there are other children of similar ages to yours in the local area, but also that there are appropriate amenities such as a doctors surgery, dental surgery and even an opticians, as well as playgrounds, football grounds and other recreational  centres.


Although criminal activity happens wherever you choose to live, when you have a small family it makes sense to investigate and research how bad it is in a particular area.  While you may not have the available budget to afford a property in the safest and best street or are, you may still be able to find a reasonable compromise where there is only isolated cases of crime.

Transport Links

Another important thing to look for when viewing properties for your family is the transportation available in the area of a house you are interested in.  Even if you own and drive a car, it is sensible to have a good understanding of the bus and train services that operate in the local and wider area, not only for the times when your car is in the garage but so that friends and relatives from other parts of the country can visit with as few problems as possible.


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