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We tend to hear a lot of horror stories about how our children are getting fatter and unhealthier, so why not buck this supposed trend and make it your resolution to get your children more active. If you’re not sure where to start, what follows in this post are some useful examples to point you in the right direction:

Sports Clubs

Sticking with the more traditional pastimes, why not encourage your children to get involved in the local sports clubs? Football, rugby and cricket are some of the more common options, but you can find other activities like swimming teams and basketball clubs.

Of course you don’t want to force your children into anything they don’t want to do, but if they are reluctant, speak with the parents of their friends and encourage them to go together.

Dancing and Gymnastics

As established as the above options are, they can be very boy-orientated. Popular options for girls include dancing and gymnastics, which despite their seemingly gentle nature can really put your kids through their paces. Don’t feel restricted by gender stereotypes however, as you can find many of these clubs and groups are now open to both boys and girls.

Horse Riding

Another popular choice is horse riding, not only does this encourage an active lifestyle it can also be quite educational at the same time. By having a horse, your children can learn about responsibility and the importance of properly looking after their animals. It can be an expensive hobby though, so run this one by your finances first!

Something a bit Different?

For something a little more leftfield and a bit more extreme, alternative sports like Surfing and Skateboarding are a great way to help your kids stay in shape. Another reason why these are a popular choice is it they are often considered – if you’ll forgive the phrase – quite ‘cool’ sports to be involved with. At the same time, the wide range clothing and accessories associated with them are an added bonus for the more fashion-conscious children out there. Luckily, there are a number of specialist retailers like Skate Hut who can help you to get your kids full kitted-out.

So, be sure to give some of these options a try and make 2015 a healthy year for your family.

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