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Money Saving Ideas for Christmas

Money Saving Ideas for ChristmasChristmas time is almost upon us again and if you haven’t started to get prepared for the big day, undoubtedly you will be soon!

Don’t fret if the above raising your blood pressure and gives you a stress headache, because this is the blog post for you.  Many people fail to realise that Christmas does not and should not be a time that you fear and dread, but because we heap too much pressure on ourselves as parents for it to be as great a celebration as it can be, it transforms what should be a lovely family get together into a horribly stressful time.

However, there are clever ways to avoid the hassle, stress and wasting too much money.  In the following post we will show you that by being a little savvy and careful planning that you can still enjoyable a memorable family Christmas.

Cards Mean As Much as Gifts

While it is likely that you will want to buy your closest friends and family members thoughtful and meaningful presents, you do not have to spend lots of money on presents for every single person in your life.  A simple care with a heartfelt, personalised message is normally enough to show someone that you care enough to wish them a good Christmas and New Year.

Compile a List

Santa isn’t the only one that needs to rely on a list this time of the year, parents should too.  If you want to save time, energy and money at Christmas, the earlier you compile your Christmas list, the better.  Regardless of whether it’s decorations, food, presents, wrapping paper or just cards,  a comprehensive list will help you stay within your budget and find those great bargains throughout the year.

Keep A Look Out and Research for Sales and Bargains throughout the Year

Even though many people avoid starting their Christmas shopping and preparations until late November, early December; it makes sense that the earlier in the year you begin looking for and buying presents, particularly those for your kids, the more you will be able to save.  It’s also a good idea to research different places offline and online to ensure that you know the right places to go for the best deals.  Remember also to make the most of sales and offers that certain shops run at various times throughout the year, as you may be able to pick up a real bargain.

Consider Using a Secret Santa Present System

Another great way to save money when buying presents for lots of people is by taking part in a Secret Santa gift buying system with your wider social circle.  This takes a lot of the awkwardness and pressure out of feeling like you have to buy presents for everyone.  All your names are put into a hat and each person pulls a name out and that is the person they have to buy a Christmas present for.  The secretive nature of this idea adds an extra element of surprise as not only do you know what underneath the wrapping, you don’t know who actually bought you the present either.

Wrapping Paper

If you are smart, there are ways you can save money on wrapping paper.  For starters, keep any gift bags that you received with gifts at either the previous Christmas or on other occasions throughout the year and re-use these again at Christmas.  Secondly, it is worth noting that most supermarkets and other stores immediately put Christmas wrapping paper into their clearance sales once Christmas has past.  By stocking up on wrapping paper towards the end of December and start of January you will save a considerable amount of money.

Try To Shop Online If Possible

Although you will still find good deals in physical stores offline, you are most likely going to save money and hassle by trying to buy as many things online as you possibly can.

Give People Homemade Gifts

While it is true that there are things you will have to go to an actual shop or visit a site online and pay money for; not every gift you give at Christmas has to be bought from a shop.  You could make something with your own hands or even bake something for friends and family members.  Along with saving you money, because you have actually put some time, effort, blood, sweat and tears into the making the gift, it shows even more than any bought gift could how you really feel about someone.

Cut the Cost of Christmas Dinner by Sharing It

Christmas dinner with all the trimmings can be quite expensive, even for just a small number of people.  If you are hosting Christmas dinner this year for a number of your friends and family you could save money and hassle by arranging for everyone to take responsibility for a different dish for the main meal.  Not only is it a cost-effective way to do a big dinner, it will make it feel more special because you all had a part in it.

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