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Injury Rehab for Your Kids  

Health 1On an average, 50 percent of all injuries to children are sports related. Even though taking part in sports is a source of healthy physical and social activity, it can also become the cause of serious sports related injuries. According to the statistics provided by Centre of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 2.6 million kids come into the emergency department of hospitals due to injuries acquired while playing a sport.

Sports related injuries are the most common reason for children being treated for musculoskeletal damage. Some common injuries are as follows:

Sprains and strains

Sprains are an injury affecting one or more ligaments of the body, with ankle sprains being the most common sprain received by athletes. A strain occurs when a muscle or tendon is injured, and is also known as a muscle pull.

Growth Plate injuries

Growth plate injuries are very dangerous and require serious treatment and rehabilitation. Growth plate is the area of long bones that helps increase the length and size of the bone in children as they grow up. If this area is damaged, it requires immediate attention by an orthopedic doctor.

Rehab approach

Children who need recovery to develop their musculoskeletal as well as neurological system should be involved in an interactive environment in which they can play safely. In most rehabilitation centers a therapist evaluates every child and develops specific treatment for him or her. The approach is focused on regaining muscular and neurological control of the injured area, and increasing the strength of the muscle and bones as well. In most rehab clinics, you can be either an inpatient or outpatient.

In order for the children to regain their strength, rehabilitation clinics try to involve the child’s family, friends, coaches and even teachers. If everyone who is involved in the children’s life knows about their injury as well as the treatment, it becomes easier for them to improve. This provides children with the best chance and environment for a full recovery.

Treatment of a young athlete is very different from that of an adult athlete. Children may not be able to tell the doctor properly about their injury and therefore require special attention by therapists who are specifically trained to deal with sports injuries of children.

Concussion Care

Concussion and head injuries are one of the most severe sports related injuries a child can contract. Such children require constant care and supervision.  A child first goes through a neuropsychological test that requires testing the cognitive abilities of the child.

Balance Board Training

Balance board exercises help in rehabilitation of various types of sports injuries. Surfers and skiers generally use them to maintain and improve their balancing skills, but when practiced in rehab, it can be used to improve upper and lower body injuries. Balance boards help by improving joint stability and strength. Upper limb injuries can also be recovered from by using balancing board techniques. It requires the correct positioning of arms and shoulders in order to balance on the board and this helps in making the muscles and joints stronger.

Rehabilitation Conditioning

After most injuries and surgeries, children need to follow an exercise conditioning or physiotherapy program that helps them get back to their daily physical activities and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. According to which injury the child suffers from, the doctor can specify certain exercises that will help the toning of muscles and flexibility of the joints.

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