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How To Transform Your Bathroom Into A Relaxing Sanctuary

picWe all deserve one room in our house that has the main purpose of being a sanctuary where you can relax without any distractions, concerns or worries.  The bathroom is fast becoming the most popular choice by many people as their home-based area of escape.  It is likely that you share the sentiment that after a long day of working hard, there is nothing better than chilling out in a warm bath in a clean and pristine looking surroundings.

If you are looking for great tips to improve the calming and secluded feel of your bathroom, you have come to the right place, as the following article contains 4 great and easy to follow tips for just that.

Less Is More

There is one thing you need to avoid when creating a sanctuary and that is clutter.  After all, you are wanting to create a room, an area, where you can escape from all outside distractions so it is important that everything in your bathroom is there for a reason.  Bin all of the body wash and shampoo bottles that have dribbles left and the samples that you always intend on using but know you won’t.

If you are renovating your bathroom from the floor up, you can use the less is more philosophy from the get-go, by following the minimalist design ethos.  Something as simple as freestanding baths can elevate a fairly straight forward bathroom into something really special.

Keep It Toned Down

You should feel relaxed from the moment you walk into your chosen sanctuary.  It should make you feel welcomed and calm, so it is good idea if your bathroom is quite small, to choose pastel colours.  Choosing these kinds of colours will give the room a more expansive an airy feel,, which it will feel as if your worries and concerns have been instantly driven away.

Choose The Right Lighting

If you have ever been to a massage parlour or spa you will likely have noticed that these kinds of places use soft lighting.  The reason for this is that it helps to transform the area into a tranquil environment.  This can easily be replicated in your home by using something as simple as a dimmer switch.  By choosing to have a dimmer switch, means you can easily change from a soft atmosphere when you want to have a relaxing bath to a white and bright light when you need to tidy up or use the mirror.

Relaxing Scents

As well as your sense of sight and hearing, your sense of smell is also vital when it comes to relaxing.  It is for this reason that a large percentage of massage oils on the market are scented and why mystics, spiritualists and monks have used incense to attain inner peace.

It can be easy to have that feeling of inner peace caused by calming scents in your bathroom by using aromatic candles.  Along with the tranquil feeling candlelight conjures, the scents and aromas filling the air will help your body, soul and mind to chill out.

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