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How to Choose the Perfect Bridesmaids Dresses


When you’re planning your wedding, your focus may be almost entirely on choosing your wedding gown. After all, it will be the centerpiece of your wedding and the thing you look back on most in your photos. All eyes will be on your dress at the wedding. You may even pass the dress on to your daughter to wear in her own wedding.

Yet, you also need to think about what your bridesmaids will be wearing. They will flank you at the altar and in photos, and they will surround you throughout the night. Plus, it’s nice to give your closest friends and family members the chance to look their best and feel great on your big day also.

Here are a few tips for how you can choose the perfect bridesmaids dresses:

Choose a Complementary Palette

The colors you pick for your bridesmaids dresses should not only match the theme of your wedding but should also look good on your bridesmaids. Therefore, if you are having a spring wedding and want light colors, you shouldn’t pick a yellow dress if your bridesmaids have olive skin. You should pick a color that is more complementary but still in your theme, such as a light green.

If your bridal party has a range of skin tones, you might consider choosing several different colors for your bridesmaids dresses. That way, everyone can look great in what they’re wearing.

Choose a Complementary Style

Body shape is another important consideration when shopping for bridesmaid dresses in Toronto. Long, flowing gowns won’t compliment those with a shorter stature, just as short, cocktail dresses won’t look as good on those with rounder figures. You need to shop with the body shapes of each person in mind.

An A-line dress is complementary to most body types. But you can pick a color and let your bridesmaids pick their own dress in that color. Bridesmaids wearing different dress styles is a growing trend.

Consider Comfort

A corseted gown is not fun to wear all day, nor is it comfortable to wear a layered ball gown in the middle of the summer. Consider the comfort of your bridesmaids when you are shopping. Choose something that will look great but that will also be comfortable to wear all day long. When your bridesmaids feel good, they’ll also look good. They’ll also project a happy spirit that will make others feel good.

Get together with all your bridesmaids and head to The Bridal Suite, a Toronto bridal store, to try on some gowns and see what looks great. Using these tips will help you narrow down your selections so you can find the perfect dress for your bridal party quickly. You’ll create a gorgeous look for your wedding photos, and you’ll make your bridesmaids feel beautiful and confident. They may even want to wear the dress again — a bonus that not many brides can give their bridesmaids.

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