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Best Name Brand Shoes for Comfort and Value


As a parent, you know how difficult it can be to keep your kids in good shoes. As soon as you buy a pair, they seem to outgrow them. Even if the shoes fit for awhile, they are often of such poor quality that they start to fall apart after only a few months.

You likely don’t fare much better with your own shoes. With all the running around you have to do to keep up with your kids, you put a lot of wear and tear on your shoes. They start to break down as quickly as your kids’ shoes do.

To really get your money’s worth, you need to invest in shoes that are both comfortable and durable. Here are a few top name brands to consider for your next shoe shopping extravaganza:


chosing Clarks shoes are conservative, attractive, and well-made. They come in a wide variety of styles for both men and women, and many are stylish enough that even teenagers will want to wear them. Women can choose from styles like flats, loafers, wedge heels and boots, and men can choose from tailored slip-ons, casual lace-ups, and hiking boots.

Clarks shoes are made with comfort in mind, so you can wear them all day without even noticing that they are there. They are made of high-quality materials like leather and suede that will give you years of performance.


Rockport makes shoes that are more tailored and polished. They are ideal for business use, date nights, and even service at church. Put your family in Rockports when you want to look your best while also enjoying comfortable footwear.

Shop Rockport shoes for sale to get a great deal on this quality brand. You’ll have these shoes in your closet for many years to come. They’ll be your go-to “good” shoes.

Doc Martens

You may have worn Doc Martens when you were a teenager yourself. So long as you took care of them and you didn’t sell them or give them away, you likely still have them. These leather shoes are some of the highest quality you can buy, and they will last you decades. The soles mold to your feet and create a custom fit that enhance your comfort. The wide toe box also ensures that your feet have plenty of room to breathe.

Docs come in a few basic styles, including the lace-ups, Mary Janes, and boots. Black and brown are the basic colors, but you can explore some funkier looks with red, blue, and green boots and more. You may even get your own teens excited about these shoes.

When you’re shopping for shoes, you need to look beyond price and focus on quality instead. Don’t buy the cheapest pair of shoes. Those will only last a few months at best. Spend the extra money and get shoes that will last for decades. When you divide the price over the years you have the shoes, you’ll realize these are actually the cheapest shoes you can buy.

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