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Reasons Why A Cockapoo Makes A Great Family Dog

If you are considering a new dog for your family, you should give thought to one particular breed that has gained lots of popularity over the last few years – the cockapoo.  Cockapoos are a mix of an American or English Cocker Spaniel with a poodle.  TO help you decide if this dog is the right family pet for you, you should look at why many people love them so much.

Allergy Friendly

Although, as they have some hair, they are often described incorrectly as hypo-allergenic; because they do not have much hair that sheds or dander they are a great choice for families with allergies.  It is a good idea before you decide to invest in a cockapoo, to bring one home or for all your family members to spend time with one to assess whether it aggravates allergies or not.

Incredibly Smart

If you are looking for an especially smart dog, you could do far worse than choosing a cockapoo.  As both poodles and cocker spaniels are known for their intelligence, puppies from these breeds are likely to be smart too.  Cockapoos are relatively easy to train, obey commands and perform tricks.  If you want a dog that will entertain you and give back as much as the effort you put in, then you should give serious consideration to a cockapoo.

Very Sociable

One of the most endearing and attractive qualities of cockapoos is the fact that they are very sociable.  When it comes to the family that adopts them, they are always incredibly affectionate and loyal.  While some dog breeds will bond with one member of their family, in particular, cockapoos will get on with everyone.  If you own other dogs or animals, a cockapoo is a great choice because it will get on well with them all – even cats.  It is rare that a cockapoo will not get on with animals or humans.

They Have Both High And Low Energy Levels

There are some dog breeds that have low energy levels and some that have high energy levels.  Cockapoos are unique as their energy levels fall somewhere in the middle.  For instance, when cockapoos want to play and have fun, they are full of energy and will jump and run around for ages.  However, when they don’t feel up to much exercise, they are the four-legged equivalent of a lazy slob.  A very cute lazy slob, but a lazy slob nonetheless.  If you are looking for a pet that is neither energetic or relaxed, a cockapoo is probably the right choice for you and your family.

As you can see, cockapoos are a great dog breed for families.  Not only are they easy to train, sociable, loyal, loving, allergy friendly dogs with boundless amounts of energy one minute and a relaxed snuggle buddy the next; they are also incredibly cute too.

Always weigh up what is the best dog for you and everyone in your family and if you are looking for further information about cockapoos, there is a lot more on this site.

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