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Choosing the Best Pond Pump

If you are planning on building a pond in your garden, you’ve made a great choice! Ponds are wonderful features that bring out something fresh in even the smallest of spaces, and they also attract wildlife that gravitate naturally to the water. In addition to the frogs and toads, and perhaps newts, that enjoy the pleasures of a pond, you may also see the larvae of mayfly and dragonfly, as well as many other insects that like to be around ponds. So, building a pond is helping the local wildlife thrive, as well as being a beautiful addition to your garden.

The size and type of pond you want will depend entirely upon your available space. You can buy smaller pre-formed ponds for small gardens for very little money, and they are easy to set up. Or, you can build your own by digging a hole and lining it with pond liner – available from your local garden centre – and there are many videos online showing how this is done. It’s not expensive to do it this way, but you do need dedication and patience. There is one thing you will need to add to your pond – a pond pump, which is an essential part of the package.

Why a Pond Pump?

Natural ponds are fed by streams or rivers, and this is what keeps the water moving and suitable for life. It also keeps it clean, as still water will soon become stagnant. A pond pump replicates this movement in your garden pond, and keeps things just right for the wildlife that visits and the fish you add. Pumps are not expensive, but you do need to research what type is the best pond pump for your particular pond.

There are different types of pond pump that need to be considered, so you should check them out carefully. Basically, there are two types: submersible pumps, and external pumps. As the name suggests, the former drop into the water, and are therefore invisible. They work by drawing the water through the pump on a constant basis – and in some cases, are fitted with a filter to help with cleanliness – and are quiet and effective. These are recommended for smaller and average-sized ponds, and are not expensive to buy.

Why an External Pump?

If you have a bigger pond, it is strongly recommended you check out external pumps. These are bigger, more powerful and more expensive, but are also surprisingly energy-efficient in the long run. They require a system of pipes to lift the water out of the pond and send it back in, and will need to be hidden. They can also be noisier than the alternative, so consider your options carefully before you commit.

We recommend you check out all the information on the website we linked to, as you will find it offers excellent reviews of the best pond pumps on the market plus plenty more information, and enjoy your pond to the full with a quality pumping system.

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